Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Meeting of Spring 2011!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for all of you who came out last night to the meeting! Here is what you need to know about NSSLHA and the requirements for this semester!

NSSLHA is a pre-professional student organization geared toward providing information about grad school, career paths, etc. to CSD majors. We meet every other Tuesday in the Pharmacy building 2.108. Each meeting we focus on something different. This semester we will be focusing on Cochlear Implant Kids Day, TSHA, fundraising and having an AWESOME time! :)

To be considered an ACTIVE MEMBER you must:

· Attend 2 fundraisers, 2 social event, 2 service events, and all meetings.

o If you are unable to attend a meeting, then in order to be given credit you must post on the blog to show you have read the minutes from that meeting.

· Pay dues- $30 (this is for this semester only)

You can also be an ONLINE MEMBER. This is for people who can’t make it to the every meeting.

To be considered an ONLINE MEMBER you must:

  • · let us know you want to be an ONLINE MEMBER (email =)
  • if you are continuing to be an online member from last semester you MUST contact me and let me know so I can keep you on the online list
  • · pay dues- $30
  • · post a comment to the meeting minutes (your full name) that will be posted on the NSSLHA blog you don’t need to be a follower of the blog, just scroll to the bottom of the minutes for the right meeting and comment in the comment box
  • · attend 2 fundraisers, 2 social event and 2 service events ** to be considered an ACTIVE MEMBER as well as an ONLINE MEMBER**
ALSO those of you are going to be online members for this semester only, we will be setting up a time for you guys to come by and meet us to pay your dues and get your shirts.

This year we are giving away 2 prizes (1 for the Fall semester and 1 for the Spring) to the member who is MOST ACTIVE- participates in the most activities, comes to all of the meetings etc. This “outstanding member” will get the choice of receiving a free manicure OR a free massage compliments of NSSLHA. =]

TSHA REQUIREMENTS (to be eligible to receive the $55 reimbursement) :

-attend every meeting up until February 22nd

-attend 2 EVENTS (ex: one social and one service; it does not count if you receive 2 pts. from the same event)

We are really looking forward to having a great year with everyone!!



Feb.- Clean Clinic

March 5th- Explore UT

April 2nd- Cochlear Implant Kids Day


Feb. 8th (next meeting)- We will be going to Yogurt Spot right after the meeting!


Feb. 9th and 10th- Bake Sale in front of CMA (contact if you would like to sign up for a time)