Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Graduate School Panel


Social - Lauren
THIS THURSDAY! @ the Union Underground Bowling - $5 for 2 hrs. and shoes!

Fundraising - Natalia
Bake Sale Wed. 10/26 – everyone signed up for shifts and items to bring

Service - Shannon
Letters to children at the Capitol School due Tues. 10/25. Please give your letters to an officer in one of your classes or come by our officer meeting that will be at 5:00 at Pluckers!

Bastrop Fire Relief – this Sunday 10/23 from 9-1, buses leave from behind the LGJ school, everyone wear clothes that you can work in. Email Shannon with any questions!


Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio

- Offer: SLP - Masters (2 years and a summer)

- Small program, very hands on, everyone wants you to succeed

- Admissions Info:

- Feb. 1 admission date, 2 letters of recommendation

- 20-24 spots in their graduate program

- Average - GPA 3.5, GRE 980

- Other Info:

- They have a working clinic on campus

- Have a bilingual/bicultural component

- 3,000 students at the whole school

- State of the art voice and swallowing lab

Texas Women’s University in Houston

- Offer: SLP – Masters (2 years and a summer), TETN distance learning program

- Admissions Info:

- 2 letters of rec –25 students a year on campus, 115-120 for distance learning

- Average – GPA 2.5, 3.0 for Comm., GRE the higher the better

University of North Texas in Denton

- Admissions Info:

- Application deadline: SLP - Feb. 15, AuD - March 1 - AuD

- 3 letters of rec, letter of intent - all info on their website

- For SLP: 335 applied last year, there are 39 1st years

- Average GRE 1087

- 100% pass rate on praxis and 97% employment rate this past year

- For AuD: –10 people accepted into 4 year program – last year is an externship.

- Average GRE 1050, GPA 3.7

- Research project is a requirement for grad program. They have you do 25 hours of observation first.

- Clinic – on campus, classes close to clinic

UT - Austin

- Offer: Maters in SLP (2 years), Aud (3 years plus externship year)

- PhD (you can do SLP or AuD with a PhD)

- Admissions Info:

- Average GRE 1250, GPA 3.58 3 letters of rec

- 250 apply to SLP accept 22-25, 50-60 to Aud accept 8-10

- Other info:

- Clinical work first in the ut clinic and then go off campus

- UT has an emphasis in bilingualism in the SLP if you choose to follow that path

- Must to a thesis, you get to be involved in research

All schools suggest:

- Have your letters of rec written by someone who’s had you in the classroom or seen your work in the field.

- When writing your personal statement: How do your experiences match up to what that specific program has to offer? How have your interests guided you to apply to that program? Don’t do a “Miss America” / “I Want to Save the World” letter.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NSSLHA Meeting 10/4 "Meet the Professors"

Shannon - Friday Oct. 14 from 11:00-12:00; 20 people will be going to Capitol School to volunteer. A sign up went around. Let Shannon know if you can drive.
Sunday Oct. 23 we will be going out to Bastrop to help in the aftermath of the wildfire. Let Shannon know if you can drive people out there. More details to come.
Next meeting is our Grad School Panel - UTC 4.110 at 5:00 on Tues. Oct. 18 (not usual room) dressy casual attire. We will be hearing from multiple of the grad school programs here in TX!


1. What classes are you teaching?
2. What school(s) did you attend to get your degrees?
3. Are you interested in research? Current research studies?
4. What is the most difficult CSD class you have ever taken
5. Tell us an interesting fact about you!

Dr. Tom Marquardt
1. Undergrad - Intro to CSD
2. University of Wisconsin for undergrad then to University of Washington in Seattle for Ph.D
3. Interested in brain trauma.
4. Oral Facial Anomalies
5. Loves WWII history and the Holocaust.

Dr. Barbara (Babs) Davis
1. Undergrad - Phonetics, Speech Science; Grad - Developmental Speech Disorders
2. University of TX - Austin for undergrad and grad
3. Loves Nancy Drew, so loves research! Interested in how speech sound development occurs across languages and also in hearing impaired individuals, how parents talk to their children, and much more!
4. CSD was easy. French was hard!
5. Had a blue Roadster and loves to scuba dive whenever she gets the chance!

Dr. Chang Liu
1. Undergrad - Hearing Science; Grad - Auditory Anatomy and Physiology, Psychoacoustics
2. Went to school in Beijing and did Ph.D at Indiana University.
3. Interested in perception of speech in different populations and bilingual speech perception and production.
4. Auditory Anatomy and Physiology - it was his 1st class in English!
5. He is a runner - did the NYC 1/2 marathon and hopes to work up to a full marathon.

Dr. Li Sheng
1. Undergrad - Acquisition of Communication Abilities in Children; Grad - School Age Language Disorders
2. Came to US in 2000 and did Ph.D at Northwestern
3. Interested in list recall in adults, vocab/word learning, Mandarin/English bilinguals v. monolingual English, fluency disorders.
4. Neurological Bases of Language
5. Loves Gossip Girl!

Dr. Su-Hyun Jin
1. Undergrad - Principles of Audiology; Grad - Hearing Conservation, Speech Perception, and Cochlear Implants
2. Got a Biology degree in S. Korea and did her Masters and Ph.d in CSD at University of Minnesota.
3. Interested in bilingual speech perception/production, speech perception in CI users in different types of noise, hearing aids and how they help listeners with hearing loss.
4. English Phonetics and American Sign Language
5. Likes mystery and detective movies... sometimes she dreams about being a spy and catching the bad guys!

Dr. Craig Champlin
1. Grad - Auditory Electrophysiology, Medical Audiology
2. He was a Bio/Psych major in undergrad at a small liberal arts college, then went to the University of Kansas to do his doctoral in Hearing Science - learned about Audiology and switched to it. He has been at UT for over 20 years!
3. Interested in the input of sound, the brain's physchological response to sound, and behavioral responses to sound.
4. Psychoacoustics
5. Loves baseball. Tried out for the Minnesota Twins but stuck with the academic path.

Dr. Harvey Sussman
1. Undergrad - Speech Science, Clinical Research in Speech Language Pathology
2. Majored in Psychology at University of Wisconsin (he and Dr. Marquardt had class together) and did his post-doc work at UT where he stumbled into Linguistics and CSD.
3. He has had over 100 publications in 40 years. Interested in coarticulation. locus equations, stuttering, and children with Developmental Apraxia of Speech
4. none
5. He loves humor and satire. He has a movie idea and an idea for a children's book.