Friday, January 31, 2014

TSHA Info!

Hey, everyone!

Here's some info on the TSHA conference happening Thurs, Feb 27th - Sat, Mar 1st in Houston. If you decide you're interested, please sign up to attend our TSHA info meeting on Tues, Feb 11th in JGB 2.324. Deadline to sign up to go with us is Feb 12th!!!

Click here for Google form

TSHA 2014 is a conference for both speech language pathologists and audiologists. It stands for the Texas Speech and Hearing Association convention and is held in Houston this year. There are over 150 presentations during the conference. As we go as NSSLHA members, we have the freedom to choose which presentations and programs we want to go to! Generally, we divide into groups as desired of who wants to go to which program and regroup as needed.

The conference hosts a variety of topics, including bilingualism vs monolingualism therapy, stuttering, swallowing, auditory brainstem implant, cochlear implants, stroke, music therapy, motor speech disorders, play therapy, down syndrome, autism, cleft palate, storytelling therapy, and various other topics related to SLP or AUD. The conference brings in many different speakers from across the country to provide the best information for the groups attending. In addition, there are many breaks during the conference where we are free to go to the exhibition hall and visit sponsors of TSHA. This part is really fun, even as a student!

Each year, sponsors and other exhibitors give away free stuff, and often times allow you to use technology that is for the field that you would otherwise never have the experience, like in a classroom setting. For example, certain types of technology is available, like the speech easy, use for stuttering. Also, there are companies giving out free popcorn, free cookies, and TSHA even host a chocolate hour as a break one day! This convention is a great place to network, especially if you're a senior looking for a job (even as an SLPA,) and is actually a place that you will get education in short courses along the line in your career.

Because the conference is in Houston this year, if you are from Houston, you are more than welcome to stay at your home and meet us at the convention center in downtown Houston. For those leaving and from Austin and coming back to Austin, we will have carpooling worked out on the Google doc. Please sign up if you are able to drive, how many people use her car holds, or if you will be needing a ride to the conference.

TSHA does require some fees. NSSLHA will pay for registration for everyone that is wanting to attend. If you are an active member in NSSLHA in the fall, we will be paying for your hotel. What NSSLHA pays for is also based on the number of people that signed up to attend the conference and end up going. This information will be sent out later and we have more details to inform you of. The only other fees include your snacks while you're at the conference, as well as a fun dinner that we do Friday night when we all get together to enjoy one another's come company and have some fun in Houston!

The conference this year is February 27 through March 1.  If you are interested in attending the conference this year, please check your schedule for the week of, and the week after TSHA. You will probably be missing class on Friday (or join a carpool group for after class Friday if you cannot miss class.) It is important that you check if you have tests the week after the weekend of TSHA, and if it is imperative that you stay in Austin to study for those and not stress yourself out after the weekend of being in Houston. We need firm commitments of who will be able to attend the conference for sure by February 12.

TSHA is an incredible experience for both your time as a student and to prepare you for your time as a career speech language pathologist or audiologist. I hope you consider going because you will be both challenged and inspired!!

Info and event coordination provided by our lovely social chair:
Hillary McNutt
hillary.mcnutt @

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spring Semester Info!


Since we had to postpone our first general meeting today, here's some info to help us get the semester rolling. Please note that our first general meeting will be NEXT TUESDAY, Feb. 4th @ 5pm in BMC 1.202. Note the special room for this meeting only!


  • meets every other Tuesday in JGB 2.324 from 5-6pm 
  • has guest speakers such as faculty, professionals from our field, graduate school representatives, etc.
  • holds fundraisers, socials, and service events 
  • has the opportunity to attend TSHA Convention every spring
  • allows you to network with your fellow CSD majors!
  • has leadership opportunities (officer elections later this spring)
  • is a GREAT resume builder

Membership info
Regular Members:

  • pay dues - $25 for a semester, $30 for a year
  • receive a t-shirt
  • attend & sign in at general meetings
  • attend & sign in at NSSLHA events
Online Members:
  • pay dues - $25 for a semester, $30 for a year
    • times outside of the general meeting will be arranged for you to come pay dues
  • receive a t-shirt
    • outside times will also be provided for t-shirt pick-up
  • read the meeting minutes posted on this blog after every general meeting and sign the attendance via Google form included in the blog post
    • you MUST sign the attendance by 5pm the following Tuesday to be considered present
  • attend & sign in at NSSLHA events
To be considered an ACTIVE MEMBER (whether you're a regular OR online member):
  • attend ALL general meetings
    • you may make up for any meeting you miss by signing the attendance at the bottom of that meeting's minutes posted on this blog
  • attend...
    • 2 socials
    • 2 fundraisers
    • and 2 service events
    • ....per semester.
    • (miscellaneous point opportunities will be provided as well, and they can count toward any category)
Benefits of being an ACTIVE MEMBER:
  • TSHA convention reimbursement (registration fee + assistance with hotel costs)
  • recognition at spring banquet, which CSD faculty attend
  • prizes for most active member each semester
Important dates coming up:
  • Tues. Feb 4th @ 5pm in BMC 1.202 - 1st Spring General Meeting
    • free pizza!
  • Tues. Feb. 11th @ 5pm in JGB 2.324 - TSHA Convention Info Meeting
  • Tues. Feb. 25th @ 5pm in JGB 2.324 - 2nd General Meeting: Lingua Guest Speaker
Link to the Prezi for our first general meeting (with pictures of your officers!) 
Click here .

A link to a Google form will usually be provided here at the bottom of the blog post for you to sign the attendance. 

First Meeting Postponed to Next Week (w/Room Change)

Hey, NSSLHA! Our first general meeting has been postponed to Next Tuesday, Feb. 4th at 5pm in BELO 1.202. PLEASE NOTE ROOM CHANGE FOR THIS MEETING ONLY! Please check back tomorrow morning for another blog post filled with info to help us get the semester rolling anyways. Enjoy your day off from classes and be careful out there! Hook 'em! Sarah Schmitt NSSLHA Secretary

Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Spring Semester! First Meeting Jan. 28th

Hi, everyone!

Hope you had a great winter break!

Contrary to what had been posted on the blog, our first spring meeting will be NEXT Tuesday, January 28th at 5pm instead of tomorrow, January 21st. Location is TBA.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone again, and hoping to see some new faces as well!

Hook 'em!