Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Town Hall Meeting 9/21

Hello all!

Today was our Town Hall meeting where we got to meet a few staff members who play a great role in our CSD department!

Dr. Granof - NSSLHA's Faculty Advisor
Dr. Champlin - He was able to give us a bit of insight into all of the programs UT offers in our department. At UT there are four programs for CSD.
  1. CSD Undergraduate Porgram
  2. Speech Language Pathology Masters Program
  3. Hearing Speech and Language Sciences Masters Program
  4. Doctorate program in Audiology
Ann Brown - She is an SLP here at UT who supervises the graduate students in CSD

She gave us an idea on how many areas are open to SLPs. An SLP can work in a hospital, school, clinic or have their own private practice. Not only that but there are so many subgroups one can develop an interest in such as phonological disorders, special needs children, brain trauma patients, etc.

Lisa Bedore

She talked about opportunities for an SLP undergraduate student at UT.

If one wants to observe for credit hours outside of UT's clinic, they would have to have her approve it.

Lorena Dominguez - Undergraduate student adviser

Lorena talked about different programs offered to undergraduates. She encourages students get involved with their faculty through research, observation or the IE program.

Also see her for long range planning (planning all your semesters here at UT so registration is stress-less!)

The application to transfer into the college of communication is online and the deadline is September 30th.

See Lorena for more details on all of the above.

The concluded our meeting!

Upcoming Events:

Next meeting is October 5th and it is the LAST chance to PAY DUES $35

Fundraiser: September 28th. CMA plaza. Bake Sale!

Get one general point by coming to clean the clinic at 1 pm this Friday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome Graduate Students!

NSSLHA would love to welcome UT CSD Graduate Students to our organization. To be an active Grad student member- we ask that you attend two meetings/events per semester and pay $25 dues.

NSSLHA will purchase your TSHA ticket if you participate in the Praxis Bowl competition and are an active grad member of NSSLHA.

You receive an official NSSLHA t-shirt with your dues that you can pick up at the meeting of your choosing. Please pay attention to the blog and the NSSLHA website for updates.

After paying dues, you will be added to the NSSLHA list serv email list.

Any questions? Contact Sarah Williams 88sarahwilliams@gmail.com (events coordinator) or Megann Vallely megannvallely@gmail.com (Graduate student rep)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Meeting - FALL 2010

Here are the minutes for the 9/7 Meeting!!!

It was great to see that so many of you guys could make it out to our first meeting yesterday! The weather was AWFUL, so all the officers were really excited to still see so many of you show up!

For those of you who want to be an online member, the requirements are on the handouts as well. Please notify me if you have a time conflict with when the meetings are held and need to/ want to be an online member. =)

If you would like to be an online member, you must let me know! E-mail me at lopashah@mail.utexas.edu

This year's requirements are:
-2 Service
-2 Fundraisers
-2 Socials
-1 Mandatory Fundraiser
-Attend ALL meetings or post on the blog (with your name and UT EID) after the meeting minutes are posted

Don't forget our FIRST SOCIAL is NEXT Tuesday (9/14).
- Meet in front of the tower (main mall) at 6:30 pm
- Bring your own sack dinners
- We will eat, play games, and bond! =)

Also our FIRST FUNDRAISER is NEXT Wednesday (9/15)
- It is going to be in front of the CMA
- We will be selling pizza and sno-cones!!! YUM!
- If you would like to sign up for a shift in order to get a fundraiser point, contact our
fund-raising chair Krystin Leonard at krystin_leonard@yahoo.com

Please bring dues to the next meeting! $35
-----> They are due by the THIRD MEETING

Lastly, the mandatory fundraiser this year is selling 3 water bottles. You must sell these ($5 a piece), in order to be considered an active member. If you have not yet collected your water bottles, we will have them at the next meeting. =)

Remember the MOST active member will be given a award!