Tuesday, February 25, 2014

General Meeting 2

Hi, everyone! First, some announcements:

* For ATTENDANCE THIS SEMESTER, if you are an online member or are making up an absence, please FILL OUT THE GOOGLE FORM at the bottom of the minutes INSTEAD OF COMMENTING ON THE BLOG. 

*If you've checked the attendance spreadsheet and don't see your attendance recorded - don't worry! Some attendance has simply not been entered yet.

* Announcement from Autism Speaks: if you are interested in promoting Autism awareness or interact with children with Autism, please consider joining their organization! Visit their facebook page for more info: click here (includes a link to their website)

*Matyear Memorial Service Tomorrow! (Wed, Feb 25th @ 5pm in CMA 4th floor lobby)
- if you are bringing treats, please arrive at 4:50pm to drop them off!

*Explore UT Shifts (Service point!) - Sat Mar 1st @11am-4pm
- sign up here

*Earplugs for SXSW (stay tuned for more info from Andrea Keller!)

*T-shirt fundraiser March 19th 10:15-3:15 (Contact Morgan Anders for more info!)

*Bake Sale March 25th 10:15-3:15 (Contact Morgan for more info!)

*TSHA Announcements!
- TSHA is THIS WEEK! Thurs Feb 27th - Sat Mar 1st
- Car pool google doc: click here
- TSHA political action committee volunteering sign up: click here

Grad Student Panel! Here are some highlights of what we learned:

  • How to choose a grad school
    • make a list of what's important to you! (research interests, clinical experiences you want, etc.)
    • know that some grad schools will give you general experience in many areas, while others will let you choose a "track" (ex: pediatric/school track, medical track, etc)
  • Grad school includes externships!
    • this is where you get assigned somewhere in the community to do clinical work (it's like your first job, without getting paid)
    • great opportunity to network! - may help you find a place to do your CFY
  • CFY = clinical fellowship year
    • first year after completing your master's degree
    • supervised
    • must complete this to be a licensed SLP
  • Find out if the grad school you end up going to offers a summer rotation to help you get your feet wet before the fall!

click here


Thank you to LinguaHealth for providing Jimmy John's today!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

General Meeting 1: Spring Welcome

Hey, everyone! Here's some important info about the blog, followed by a recap of our first meeting:

  • How to be in the know about NSSLHA:
    • Read the blog!
      • Posts: read my meeting minutes and announcements (I will email members and post on the NSSLHA Facebook page when meeting minutes have been posted)
      • Spreadsheet: check that your attendance and points have been recorded, and track your progress on the Spring 2014 Points and Attendance Spreadsheet (tab is at top of blog)
        • if you find an error, contact me! sschmitt17@gmail.com 
      • Facebook: join our Facebook page so you won't miss important announcements! This is also a great place to ask questions. (tab is at top of blog)
      • Calendar:  see the tab for our Google calendar at the top of the blog! I hope to keep this very up to date with all of our upcoming events! 
      • FAQs: Questions? Check our FAQs tab, which I am developing into a membership handbook 
      • Additional important info on the right hand column of the blog :)
    • Get on the listserv! 
      • if you don't currently receive NSSLHA emails and would like to, please e-mail me. sschmitt17@gmail.com 
  • Fall points update:
    • thank you to those of you who noticed some events that were missing points on the Fall Spreadsheet (tab at top of blog)
      • note that points for the following events are on their way: 
        • capitol school visit
        • buddy day
        • capitol school letters
    • please keep checking back to make sure your points were all recorded, and see if you got the 2 social, fundraiser, and service points to be considered active!
  • Officer introductions (We'd love to help you with any questions about NSSLHA, research, grad school, etc. Come see us!)
    • Co-presidents: Hayden Lambert & Shelby Crooks
    • Vice President: Rebecca Lee
    • Secretary: Sarah Schmitt (that's me!)
    • Fundraiser: Morgan Anders
    • Treasurer: Ashley Dowell
    • Social Chair: Hillary McNutt
    • Publicity: Lindsey Foo
    • Historian: Robyn Ward
    • Service Chair: Andrea Keller
    • ....our e-mail addresses are in the right hand column of the blog
  • Active Member Criteria
    • Pay dues 
    • Earn the following points:
      • 2 social
      • 2 fundraisers
      • 2 service
    • Attend ALL meetings
      • attendance options:
        • attend and sign-in in person
        • read the meeting minutes on the blog and sign your name at the bottom
          • for online members and regular members who had to miss
  • Online Membership
    • we don't make a distinction on our records between who is a regular vs. online member
    • that means you do everything like a regular member...
    • ...but simply always sign in at the bottom of my blog posts for your attendance
    • outside times for online members to pay dues and collect t-shirts will be announced later by Ashley our treasurer
  • Membership dues
    • $30 for a year; $25 for a semester
      • PLEASE PAY BY 3RD MEETING! (March 25th)
      • checks to "UT NSSLHA"
  • Benefits of being a member
    • t-shirt!
    • TSHA convention reimbursement
    • spring banquet recognition
    • most active member prize
    • great for resumes!
  • Fundraiser events!
    • we had our first fundraiser/social at Red Mango after the meeting
    • if you signed in and stayed for 1 hour, you received a social point
    • if you bought something, send your receipt to morgan.anders@utexas.edu for your fundraising point
    • TSHA Convention info meeting Tues. Feb. 11th in BMC 1.202 !!!
    • Hillary presented lots of good info about TSHA convention, which is happening on Thurs, Feb 27th - Sat, Mar 1st in Houston :
    • it stands for the Texas Speech and Hearing Association Convention
    • conference for both SLP & AUD
    • over 150 presentations we can attend!
    • great place to network with professionals if you're wanting to be an SLPA, talk to grad schools, play with new tech devices used in our field, get lots of FREE STUFF, and eat some great snacks (last year they had a chocolate hour as one of the breaks!)
    • we can pay for any member's registration fee if you want to go*
    • we plan to pay for Fall active members' hotels*
    • these are subject to change depending on how many people want to go
    • if you're interested, please sign the following google form and attend the info meeting next tuesday
    • deadline to OFFICIALLY COMMIT to going is Wed, Feb 12th (another Google form will be circulated for this purpose)
    • please direct your questions to Hillary McNutt: hillary.mcnutt@utexas.edu
  • Chris Matyear Memorial Reception
    • NSSLHA had a memorial art piece created in memory of Dr. Matyear, a beloved CSD professor who passed away due to ovarian cancer
    • at the reception on Feb 26th, we will be unveiling the art and listening to some CSD faculty members speak
    • NSSLHA, CSD faculty, and friends and family of Dr. Matyear are invited
    • we will be asking a few NSSLHA members to bake cookies for a service point
      • more info to come regarding this!
  • Recap of upcoming events:
    • Feb 11 - TSHA Info Meeting - 5pm in BMC 1.202
    • Feb 25 - 2nd General Meeting - 5 pm in BMC 1.202*
      • all meetings in this location from now on!
    • Feb 26 - Chris Matyear Memorial Reception - location TBA
    • Feb 27-31 - TSHA Convention
  • If you were not present at the meeting, please click HERE to sign in on the Google form and be put on the attendance!