Tuesday, October 29, 2013

4th Meeting - Guest Speaker!



View our Prezi from the Meeting HERE


  • Service
    • Letters to Capitol School: Email with assigned students has been sent!
  • Fundraisers
    • Bake Sale on November 8th in front of BMC!
      • bringing a baked good or working the booth will count for a point!
    • Camus Candy for Austin Speech Labs on November 19th, 4-9pm
  • Socials
    • NSSLHA Tailgate - THIS SATURDAY! November 2nd @ 11AM
    • UT is playing Kansas
    • Tailgate will be in front of the Bullock Museum! Hillary will post a map on Facebook. 
  • Miscellaneous Point Opportunities (for more info see Facebook event for each)
    • National Stuttering Association Open House on November 4th, 7-9pm; CPE 2.208
      • PIZZA will be provided!
      • RSVP!!!!!!!!! TO ryanmcdermott86@gmail.com
      • sign in with Hayden for your point
    • Dr. Liu's Seminar on Speech Perception on November 1st (THIS FRIDAY) at 4pm; ETC 4.150
      • Talk on "How Language Experience Changes our Speech Perception"
      • Sign in with Sarah outside the room afterwards to receive your point.
      • (If you can't find me, text me at the phone number I posted in the Facebook event for this :) )
    • Wednesday, Oct. 29th (Tomorow) - 9-11am (Sarah); 12-1pm (Lindsey)
    • Thursday - 9-11am (Ashley); 2-3:30pm (Robyn)
    • Friday - 1-3pm (Hayden)
    • More times will be announced later :)
Guest Speaker!
Kathy Clapsaddle 
Research & Development VP for TSHA (Texas Speech and Hearing Association)
    • state equivalent of ASHA
    • professional organization that advocates for SLPs, AUDs, CSD students and their clients
    • also helps provide information to clients who use our services
    • their website (under construction) will become a major resource for professionals, students, and families [ www.txsha.org ] 
  • Role of TSHA
    • has many vice presidencies
      • audiology (new!)
      • educational & scientific affairs (they plan the conventions)
      • professional services (will support you based on what setting you work in)
      • public information & marketing  (to recruit people!)
      • research & development
      • social & governmental policy (our advocates with the legislature)
    • has 2 STUDENT representatives!
  • Annual Convention! [NSSLHA goes to this!]
    • Feb 27th - March 1st in Houston
      • more info will be given in November 
    • 4,000-5,000 people attend every year!
    • Keynote speaker: Dr. Brene Brown - research professor from University of Houston
      • has done TED Talks and been on Oprah!
      • TSHA political action committee (PAC)
      • registration
      • shoppe TSHA
      • job placement - TSHA offers free job placement services for SLPs!!!
      • voter voice
      • exhibit hall breaks 
    • Convention Activities
      • University Day
        • meet & greet
        • tailgate challenge
        • PRAXIS Bowl - TSHA jeopardy (come represent UT!)
      • Courses for students!
        • look for the 101 courses in the brochure (ex: how to get your license, how to do job interviews)
        • topic courses (ex: What do I do with my client in the clinic with autism?)
    • Student Legislative Active Committee (SLAC)
      • representatives from each university
      • form a taskforce
      • great so that one person from each school is informed about legislative issues that affect us!
  • What's special about TSHA vs. ASHA conventions?
    • TSHA focuses on clinical application!
    • ASHA focuses on research 
    • we have a shortage of SLPs! especially in the schools
    • however, schools aren't able to pay SLPs as well as clinics
    • the loan reimbursement program has passed!!!
    • application process will start in Spring 2014
    • how to get involved
      • host/organize may is better hearing and speech month
      • distribute copies of Matt Learns to Read to:
        • daycare centers
        • head start centers
  • TSH Foundation - non-profit arm of TSHA
    • 19 scholarships!
    • 4 research grants!
    • 2 service awards!
    • all annually!
    • www.tshfoundation.org 
  • Top 10 reasons to join TSHA
    • continuing education (you have to start getting 20 hours per license renewal period once you finish your clinical fellowship year!)
    • public info & marketing
    • conventions
    • job postings (on the TSHA website)
    • university day
    • TSHA's publications
      • Communicologist (magazine/newsletter)
      • TEJAS archived journal
      • Matt Learns to Read books
    • legislative voice
      • TSHA is OUR voice at the Capitol!
    • PRAXIS bowl
      • 17 TX universities compete for a title!
    • professional issues
      • TSHA has many task forces and committees focusing on issues that affect you!
    • NETWORKING!!!!
  • Membership (annual - Join in January!!!)
    • $25 student membership
    • $30 student convention registration fee (sign up at txsha.org)
    • benefits
      • discounts on your professional membership
  • I will make Kathy's powerpoint available as soon as I get it. It had lots of great contact info for how to get involved! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Are you a prospective MA or AuD student applying to UT's CSD grad program for Fall 2014? If so, you can register for CSD Info Day which will be THIS FRIDAY from 9AM-Noon.
More info and how to register can be found here.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Additional Announcements - DUES! and Commenting on the Blog

  • TODAY is your Real last chance to arrange something with Ashley for paying dues!
    • If you still want to pay dues but haven't done so already, please contact Ashley by TODAY
    • ashleydowell66@gmail.com
    • (972) 953-5894
  • For COMMENTING on the blog, I'm going to start asking that you leave your comment within ONE WEEK of the meeting to receive you attendance point. :)
  • If blogger is not allowing you to comment on the blog for some reason, you can alternatively e-mail me at sschmitt17@gmail.com with your first and last name and EID saying you read the minutes. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sign-up for Texas School of the Deaf 5K Volunteering!

Click here :) then click "go to spreadsheet view"

See my post from this week's meeting for more info about this event. :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Additional Helpful Links Related to the Senior Advice Panel

Third Meeting: Senior Panel

Hey, everyone!

Here's what happened at the meeting today:

Announcement from your fellow CSD major Roni:
  • The ASL Linguistics lab she works in is having an open house THIS COMING SUNDAY, Oct. 20th from 1-4pm to present research to the deaf community in Austin
    • She needs VOLUNTEERS who are in ASL 3 or 4 to provide childcare and greet people at the open house. Please be able to commit to 2 hours.
    • CONTACT her at roni@looneyhome.com if you're interested in volunteering, or would like to learn more about her research in ASL, indigenous sign language, or visual language disorders!

Event Announcements:

  • Capitol School Letters
    • we have an opportunity for 20 members to be matched up with 20 Capitol School kids as pen pals for the semester
    • we plan to have members visit Capitol School on Oct. 25th (time TBA) to meet their pen pal and give them their first letter
    • sign-up is first come, first served, but please sign up HERE if you're interested, and we'll keep you updated about whether we were able to match you up with a child. 
    • you will receive 1 service point at the end of the semester for writing 3 letters
  • Best Buddies Halloween Carnival - Sunday, Oct. 27th, 4-6 pm
    • we will be pairing up with children and adults with autism
    • sign up here!
  • Thanksgiving Baskets - Tuesday, Nov. 26th
    • we'll be making thanksgiving baskets for needy families at our general meeting on this day
    • will be worth 1 service point
  • Texas School for the Deaf 5K - THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 19th 
    • we need volunteers to run booths, set up and take down 
    • preferably ASL 3 or 4 students; confident ASL 2 students welcome as well
    • volunteering with our booth, attending the festival ($10) or running in the race ($30) all count as service points
    • be sure to sign in with an officer!
  • Austin's Pizza - THIS FRIDAY, Oct. 18th, 5-10pm
    • tell the cashier you're with UT NSSLHA
    • send Morgan your receipt to receive your fundraising point
    • sign in with Hillary and stay for one hour between 6 and 8pm for a SOCIAL POINT!
    • (for those 21 or over, the bar does count)
  • Fuzzy's Tacos - October 25th (Time TBA)
  • Monster's University at the Union Theatre - THIS THURSDAY, Oct. 17th at 6pm
    • get there a little early, please :)
    • check in with Hillary
  • Austin's Pizza! (see above)
  • Surprise! Because Ashley is generous, you may pay dues until THURSDAY
    • Ashley will be in BMC THIS WEDNESDAY, Oct. 16th from 2-5pm to collect dues
    • if you can't make it, please e-mail her

FINALLY.......Senior Advice Panel!
  • Ashley Marnell - a fellow NSSLHA member and CSD Senior
    • transferred into CSD late; graduating this fall!
    • volunteers at Austin Speech Labs, Capitol School AND Texas School for the Deaf
    • Her advice: don't be afraid to get involved in volunteering, even if you don't have previous experience!
    • she also volunteers with a deaf youth group
      • go to austindeafevents.com if you're interested in opportunities like this or others
    • e-mail Ashley at: a7414@att.net
  • Hayden Lambert (one of our awesome co-presidents!):
    • Co-Leader of the Austin Chapter of the National Stuttering Association
    • Part-time job at Bilinguistics, which does speech therapy for bilingual children
    • Has done research under Dr. Byrd and under Dr. Van der Feest in the PPP Lab
    • His advice: talk to your professors as much as you can and get to know them as well as possible!
  • Shelby Crooks (our other lovely co-president):
    • does research in the HABLA lab
    • volunteers at Capitol School
    • Her advice: contrary to what anyone may tell you, get your observation hours done before graduating! Some grad schools will want you to have that done in order to apply!
      • the CSD program now requires you to enroll in the observation class CSD 140L to complete your hours
        • you can observe in class by watching the videos Dr. Bedore shows, observe outside of class by volunteering at places like Capitol School or Austin Speech Labs, observe in the UT Speech and Hearing Clinic, or online through the Master Clinician website (costs money to join)
  • Sarah Schmitt (that's me! your secretary)
    • I transferred into CSD from Linguistics, and I actually Didn't get in the first time I tried!
      • what helped me the most during this process was going to talk to professors for advice on my application
    • I volunteer at Capitol School
    • Last summer I did research with Dr. Franco in a speech study on kids with autism
      • I enrolled in UGS 320 to do this, so I got upper division credit!
      • if you're not upper division yet, you could alternatively register under UGS 310
    • My advice: go to an Undergraduate Research Info Session where they TEACH YOU how to get involved in research, from figuring out what professors you'd like to work with, to how to ask a professor to let you do research with them
      • Go HERE and click "attend an info session"
      • Go to the CSD faculty page to determine what CSD professor's research you might be interested in
  • Ashley Dowell (our lovely treasurer)
    • Her advice: don't forget that study abroad opportunities are available, even to CSD majors!
ONLINE MEMBERS: Please comment below with your first and last name AND EID for your attendance! (Also anyone who is making up for missing the meeting today, comment as well) :)

Hook 'em!

Sarah Schmitt, NSSLHA Secretary

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dues are DUE!


Just a quick reminder that dues are due TOMORROW, Tuesday Oct. 15th!

Don't forget to bring your dues with you to the meeting at 5pm, send them with someone else, or make other arrangements with an officer ASAP.

Ashley, our treasurer, will be accepting dues TOMORROW in BMC from 3:15 - 5:00 for those who can't attend the meeting.

Hook 'em, and see you all tomorrow!

- Sarah Schmitt, NSSLHA Secretary

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Have YOU paid your dues?

Hi, everyone!

Just a reminder that the last day to pay dues will be the date of the next meeting - October 15th.

If Ashley our treasurer is able to set up more outside times to collect dues, they will likely be announced on the UT NSSLHA Facebook page. :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Second Meeting: Professor Panel!


We had a really fantastic meeting today! We loved getting to know six of our CSD faculty members: Dr. Bedore, Dr. Champlin, Dr. Chandrasekaran, Dr. Marquardt, Dr. Nericcio, and Dr. Sussman. They also helped answer questions for a lot of our members!

But first, a few announcements:


  • Ashley will be in the Student Leadership Suite in BMC TOMORROW, Oct 2nd from 9:30-11:30am to accept dues (or at a table in front of Cappy's Cafe just inside BMC if the leadership suite is occupied).

  • If you have paid dues or intend to pay dues, please let us know your t-shirt size here!

Upcoming Service Events: (One point per event)
  • Oct 4th - Ear Plugs for ACL
    • Help pass out ear plugs on the west mall THIS FRIDAY and help educate your peers about how important it is to care for your hearing when you're young!
    • Sign up for a shift here!!!
  • Oct 27th - Halloween Event with Best Buddies
    • Sign up sheet will be circulated soon :)
  • Nov 26th - Thanksgiving Baskets
    • Help make thanksgiving baskets at our general meeting - they will be donated to families in need.
  • Semester-long - Capitol School Letters
    • Become a pen pal to a child with speech or language disorders at Capitol School of Austin!
    • You will receive 1 point for writing a total of 3 letters 
    • Officers will coordinate matching up NSSLHA members with Capitol School students
    • If you're interested, bring a letter introducing yourself to a child to the next meeting and we will collect it

Upcoming Fundraisers: (One point per event)
  • **Be sure to tell the cashier you're with NSSLHA, and e-mail your receipts to morgan.anders@utexas.edu to receive your point. 
  • **Be sure to sign in with an officer to get a social point if you plan to stay for an hour.
  • Oct 18th - Austin's Pizza
    • this includes both the restaurant AND bar
    • this will also count as a social point! 
  • Oct 25th - Fuzzy's Tacos
  • **If you didn't get a reply from Morgan after sending in your Red Mango receipt, please re-send. :)

Upcoming Socials! (One point for staying one hour at any event)
  • Oct 18th - Austin's Pizza
    • this is a social as well as a fundraiser from 6-8pm!
    • Sign-in with one of the officers for a social point if you can stay for an hour
    • E-mail your receipt to morgan.anders@utexas.edu for your fundraising point
  • Stay tuned for more socials!

Up-Coming Meetings!
  • Next Meeting - Oct 15th - Ask the Seniors day
    • Come discuss with upper-classmen and officers about planning what CSD classes to register for, graduate school applications, volunteering, research, or anything else you might be wondering about.  
  • Oct 29th - Guest Speaker - Cathy Clapsaddle 
    • TSHA Volunteer Coordinator
    • come learn about TSHA and volunteer opportunities
  • Nov 12th - Graduate Panel
    • Several Texas graduate school programs will come tell us how to apply and get into their programs
***Check out the NSSLHA Calendar tab to keep track of all these event dates! 

Get to know your CSD professors! (See their pictures on second to last slide of our Prezi from the meeting)
  • Dr. Bedore - professor; UT Speech and Hearing Clinic
    • interested in bilingualism and how it interacts with the identification and treatment of communication disorders; also interested in bilingual language intervention
    • runs the HABLA lab - located in CMB
      • helped develop a test to identify communication disorders in bilingual children
      • current project on short-term learning and bilingualism 
    • courses
      • Developmental Language Disorders - intervention and assessment
      • Language Theory and Bilingualism - across the lifespan, and across different languages
    • favorite part of her job
      • interacting with students interested in research
    • *there will be an open-house in the HABLA lab before registration!
  • Dr. Nericcio - clinical assistant professor
    • she says she lives in the clinic!
    • graduated from this program!
    • favorite thing - her students
    • interests 
      • the clinic! - the clinic is Very different from classes - learning to work with clients is a completely different experience
      • studying english language learners
      • studying accent modification
    • teaching
      • clinical supervision
      • diagnostics
  • Dr. Chandrasekaran - assistant professor; runs the Sound Brain Lab
    • courses
      • Language and the Brain
      • Fundamentals of Speech Science
    • interests / research
      • speech perception from the perspective of the brain
      • his lab studies how experience in language and music affects processing of these things in the brain
      • studies individual differences in brain structure and function so we can develop more individualized language training
      • many opportunities for undergrads to participate in research or be participants of experiments!
        • check out the IE program and UGS research courses if you're interested in doing research
  • Dr. Marquardt - professor
    • he's been at UT for a long, long time :)
    • courses - teaches courses related to speech and brain damage
      • CSD 371 - Acquired Disorders in Adults
      • 3-course series - nervous system pathologies
        • aphasia
        • cognitive communication disorders
        • motor-speech disorders
    • research interests
      • impact of emotional stimuli on those with TBI and aphasia 
      • generative naming as a window into impairment of speakers of different languages
      • if you're interested, go see him!
  • Dr. Champlain - department chair
    • does a lot of administrative stuff - he helps make our lives easier and solves our problems!
    • doesn't teach undergraduates due to his administrative status
    • interested in audiology and hearing science (used to teach hearing science)
    • works with undergrads in the Hearing Function Laboratory
      • studies how the ears work - they're so complicated!
    • research
      • works on tools to allow us to check the status of auditory function 
        • how can we check the hearing of a baby a few hours old?
      • tele-practice experiments
        • ex: audiologists in Austin programming hearing aids remotely for clients in San Antonio!
    • favorite part of the job - figuring out how things work in the lab! (and telling people about it)
  • Dr. Sussman - professor
    • has a joint-appointment in Linguistics and CSD departments
    • teaches Language and the Brain; Speech Science
    • started as a psychology student!
      • got interested in speech science after doing a motor-control project about the tongue
      • his course in physiological phonetics turned his life around :)
    • has done research for over 40 years and published over 100 articles!
    • current studies
      • stuttering - collaborates with Dr. Byrd
      • works with Dr. Chandrasekaran on brain imaging
        • how does the brain represent units of language?
        • how do studies of animals compare to humans
Q&A Session:

  To Dr. Nericcio: When you treat accent modification, is it much different from rehab/habilitation?
o   Go to ASHA.org!
§  It’s not a disorder!
o   Usually doctoral students, int’l students, professionals that want to modify their accent
o   She loves how languages sound!
·How do we get involved in research?
o   Get on the UT website and read more about the labs and professors
o   Contact those people
o   You can volunteer or do it for credit
o   UGS offers seminars to train you how to find research opportunities
o   Know that faculty teach classes associated with their interests
§  Come to their office hours!
o   You can totally come into someone’s office and ask what they do!
o   Ask to come visit or volunteer in the faculty members’ labs
§  If you don’t like it, you can leave!
§  If you like it, they’ll give you stuff to do, maybe you can get credit or even get paid!
o   Faculty LOVE to talk to you!
·To Sussman/ All
o   If I’m a linguistics BA student and now a CSD leveling student, what should I do to gain experience when you only have a semester to volunteer or work in a lab?
o   Know you’re not alone!, says Sussman
o   Just do the best you can!
o   Make sure you finish the courses, and add maybe one thing that you’re most interested in
o   Champlain:
§  This can be value added that you have an outside degree!
§  Just make sure you get a good grade in your courses!
§  Know you’re admitted on the basis of grades, GRE, etc first, THEN the extra stuff
§  We KNOW not everyone can work in a lab! There aren’t enough labs!
o   Nericcio:
§  Remember to put your life experiences and backgrounds in your essays because those are valuable!l
·         Speech path student who just transferred in interested in bilingual speech path
o   How do I approach this?
o   Bedore:
§  There’s a bilingual certificate program!
§  There’s a collaborative models class – how to work with bilingual kids in different settings
§  Requirement of hours gained through rotations, etc (school sites, etc)
§  Take some outside courses related to the field
§  Do observation, volunteer in bilingual activities
§  Do everything you can to build your language skills before grad school!
·What does bilingual speech therapy look like in the clinic?
o   Bedore: Focuses on client’s acquisition of each language and how they interact
·For the graduate school recommendation letters, do those with CSD department recommendation letters get priority to get into grad school?
o   Yes, because those professors understand the demands of grad school in CSD and can help vouch that you would be successful as a CSD grad student
o   They’re NOT character references, so those out of the field who are close to you are not as helpful in telling a grad school you’re a good candidate for their program
·How does Nericcio choose which language to study with those bilingual kids?
o   Based on the language of the home
·What is Nericcio’s clinic called?
o   UT Speech and Hearing Clinic (In the basement of the CMA)
o   Dr. Franco and Bedore also work in the clinic
·Applying to out of state grad schools, how do we make ourselves memorable to those schools?
o   Research their website
o   Read about the faculty
o   Personalize your essays to target the strengths of the universities based on the profiles you read

Hook 'em!