Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Scrapbook Meeting

Hey, everyone!

This is just a reminder that today's scrapbooking meeting was an optional miscellaneous point opportunity, so no need to comment on the blog for attendance this week.

Happy Thanksgiving and Hook 'Em! :) 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Scrapbooking Next Meeting! Miscellaneous Point!

Hey Guys!

In lieu of having a normal meeting on Tuesday, November 26th, we are having a scrapbook meeting! If you attend and help make the pages, you can get a miscellaneous point. You do not have to attend this meeting to stay active, only if you want to help scrapbook!
The meeting will be in the same room as usual from 5-6 P.M.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bowling Social TOMORROW at 6pm!

Hey, everyone! 

We're having a bowling social tomorrow from 6-8pm* in the Union Underground! (Bowling alley in the Union basement).

*Note the time change from my previous blog post! 

Shoes are $2 and bowling admission is $2.50

Come for at least an hour for a social point!

Here's the Facebook event: click here

See you there!

Sarah Schmitt
NSSLHA Secretary 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Problems Commenting? Use Chrome!!!


It's come to my attention that several of you have been trying to comment on the blog only for your comments to disappear (especially when using Safari).

For everyone I've talked to so far, switching browsers solved the problem, especially if you try Google Chrome. If this doesn't work for you, please contact me at sschmitt17@gmail.com .

Hook 'em!

Sarah Schmitt
NSSLHA Secretary


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UPDATE - Thanksgiving Baskets will be assembled NEXT TUESDAY 11/19 instead of next meeting!


We've decided to assemble our Thanksgiving baskets THIS COMING TUESDAY, Nov. 19th, instead of at the next meeting. There will be an opportunity for up to 15 members to help assemble the baskets for 1 service point, and any member can also sign up to bring a non-perishable Thanksgiving food item for 1 service point as well. 

Baskets will be assembled in the BMC Student Leadership suite next Tuesday, Nov. 19th from 5-6pm, and you can sign up here while spots are still available: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0Ao_BATqv7ylSdEU5ZnU2NFVSUmkzUGp0TUdBeUJQWFE&usp=sharing&pli=1 
[CORRECTION - 15 people have already signed up! Thanks for your enthusiasm, y'all!]

Anyone can sign up to donate a Thanksgiving food item to the box that will be in the BMC student leadership suite from tomorrow afternoon (Wed, Nov. 13th) until next Tuesday, Nov. 19th at 5pm.

Sign up here to donate items: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0Ao_BATqv7ylSdEZKQmlReDZmcUI5UU80azlLQ3djY1E&usp=sharing 

Suggested items: cranberry sauce, green beans, corn, boxed stuffing, instant potatoes, etc. 

Try to look at what others are bringing so we can provide our recipients with a good variety of foods!

Refer to our facebook event or the e-mail from Hayden for more info.

Hook 'em! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5th Meeting - Graduate School Panel!


************IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS COMMENTING ON THE BLOG, PLEASE CONTACT SARAH SCHMITT*****************************************************************

View our Prezi from the meeting! CLICK HERE

We heard some great information from several Texas CSD grad programs today!

But first, some quick announcements:

Service Chair
- Buddy Day: Next Friday! Nov 22nd - 10 am - 12pm
- Thanksgiving Baskets - next meeting!
   - earn 1 service point for bringing a thanksgiving-themed food item
   - earn 1 service point for helping make thanksgiving baskets at the meeting

Fundraising Chair
- Bake Sale on Friday was a big success! Thanks to all who helped!
- Campus Candy - Next Tuesday! - Nov 19th from 4-9 pm
   - proceeds go to Austin Speech Labs!
   - we NEED at least 50 transactions for Campus Candy to be able to give us a check, so PLEASE COME!!!!

- Bowling! Next Thursday! Nov 21st @ 7 PM at the Union Underground
   - $2.50 bowling; $2 shoes
- Winter Holiday Social - TBD (will be during dead days)
   - we'll have activities like cookie decorating!


UT Dallas - Dr. Robert Stillman
- stillman@utdallas.edu
- suggests you come visit!
- things to think about when choosing grad schools:
   - what is the school's approach to clinical education?
      - they individualize the program for you!
      - they have diverse students
      - they're very flexible - they know our career goals will change a lot as we go through grad school
      - they have a practicum with adults and children each for a semester, then it's up to you
         - a variety of settings are available in Dallas!
   - what's their degree plan like?
      - half required courses, half electives you decide on within CSD
      - they make it easy for you to specialize in things!
   - what are their facilities like?
      - UTD has two - Callier and Richardson 
   - reputation
      - US News and World Report rankings are great, but check with employers about who they hire!
   - what's the environment like?
      - very friendly, somewhat large program
      - open door policy
      - focus on being non-competitive, and that everyone succeeds

- four semesters, last is all practicum
- 5 clinics at Baylor as well as off-campus opportunities
- lots of scholarships are offered!
- accept in the spring, summer and fall!
- very clinic-oriented
   - means the professors can focus on students more!
- GRE scores ARE important, but keep that in balance - the whole picture of YOU is most important
- letters of recommendation are also important to show you're driven and can finish quickly
- next deadline is Feb 15th
- class is 8-15 people per semester 
- have good pass-rates for PRAXIS
- clinic focuses on working together
- professors view the field as a mission, and what you to discover your mission 

University of North Texas
- five semester program SLP
- financial resources available dedicated to master's students
- clinical training available in larger Dallas-Ft. Worth area
- only accept in fall, usually 35-40 applicants
- audiology program is 3 years curriculum, 1 year paid externship
   - wide variety of courses
   - very strong in preparing you clinically, although research opportunities are also available!
   - make sure the research faculty get to know you well and become good contacts for you as you move into your career
- their SLP and audiology programs overlap and work together!
- clinical excellence is a focus
   - SLP program has a diverse range of supervisors with many areas of expertise
   - AUD program has a 1-1 to 1-2 supervisor to student ratio
- a way to build a great reputation to get lots of hands-on experience in the DFW Metroplex 
- SLP program only accepts 8%
- AUD program accepts 12%
- 100% PRAXIS pass rate and employment rate 

Our Lady of the Lake
- 25 students
- GPA, GRE, and letters of rec most important
- also letter of intent and resume!
- CLD and bilingual certificates available
   - (CLD = culturally diverse)
- small campus!
- Catholic School
- assistantships are only available for first years since second years are off-campus most of the time
- professors very willing to work with you on your interests
- thesis and non-thesis options 
- provide diverse options for externships 

General advice from the panel
- show schools you're interested! go visit! contact them!
- employers care more about your experience you've accumulated than whether you went to the same school for both your undergrad and grad degrees
- whether or not a group at a particular school gets competitive depends a lot on 1)the people 2)the size - less likely when it's large
- Baylor - research in language and literacy is what they're known for
- UNT - SLP - known for swallowing, voice, pediatrics; AUD - strong clinically
- UTD - AUD - cochlear implants are what they're known for; SLP - known for the language component more than speech 
- Our Lady - voice, speech science are a couple of things they focus on