Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Officer Election Results!

Congratulations to our officers for next year! We hope that everyone who ran will contribute their ideas to making NSSLHA great next year whether they won or not! Those were some fantastic speeches, guys!

Hook 'em!

Secretary: Paola Huerta

Service Chair: Diana Mendoza

Fundraising Chair: Gabby Sepulveda

Social Chair: Tyler Hawthorne

Treasurer: Andrea Keller

Historian: Mandy Aguirre

Publicity Chair: Emily Ybarbo

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

General Meeting 6 Announcements


Upcoming Socials: 

Upcoming Service Events:
  • Cochlear Implant Kids' Day - April 26th from 10:30am - 2pm
  • look for an e-mail from Andrea Keller coming soon!

Miscellaneous Point Opportunity:
  • Acoustics Lab Field Trip - This Friday, April 25th at 3pm
    • meet in front of the Littlefield Fountain at 2:15pm for a ride there
    • tour will be from 3pm-4pm approximately 
    • you MUST sign up here so I can arrange rides and know how many to expect: 

  • Next Tuesday, April 29th from 5pm-6pm
    • Union Santa Rita Suite - UNB 3.502
    • Please RSVP via Rebecca's e-mail
    • Seniors - see Rebecca's e-mail if you would like to be recognized - we need you to send in your info and your picture! 

  • all points up to this point will be entered by the end of the night tonight (Tuesday, April 22nd)
  • starting tomorrow (Wednesday, April 23rd), you can check the spreadsheet
  • please let us know by THIS FRIDAY, April 25th at 11:59pm if you are missing any points!
    • e-mail the officer responsible for the event (social chair, fundraising chair, service chair) and CC SARAH (
  • I will be working on an accurate list of who has achieved active status by banquet! 
No need to sign attendance for this post - please VOTE for officer instead! Your attendance will be recorded upon completion of the online google form ballot. :) 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Officer Elections!


Please read the following speeches and vote using the google form at the bottom of this post.
Voting for online members (and anyone who needs to vote online due to missing the meeting) will occur from 6pm Tuesday, April 22nd to 6pm Wednesday, April 23rd. Winners will be announced via list serv e-mail and on the NSSLHA facebook page by the end of the night on Wednesday.


Paola Huerta
Hello, my name is Paola Huerta and I am a second year CSD student majoring in speech language pathology. I have been a member of NSSLHA since spring of last year, and I'm confident that the knowledge I've gained since then has prepared me to handle the responsibility as your secretary. I have former experience with this position from both my high school yearbook club and glee club, and I believe my personal attributes can prove themselves extremely beneficiary as well. I like to consider myself extremely organized and prompt, which are two qualities highly needed to perform well as your secretary. One of my main responsibilities includes our NSSLHA blog, which is an excellent resource in providing anything and everything NSSLHA related, from meeting minutes to the upcoming events sheet. If I am elected as your secretary for NSSLHA, I intend to post any updates and minutes following our meetings and utilize the calendar as an overview of any events occurring throughout the month. I would also like to make the blog a little more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing in a new collaboration in which I'd like to include any event photos provided by the historian. I'd like for all members to maintain themselves informed of all of the great and insightful functions NSSLHA has to offer, alongside treasuring memories we've made with one another. I will also try to be as prompt as possible in keeping you all aware of any points you accumulate throughout the semester since they are important for TSHA and overall recognition as an active member. I believe I can work hard in keeping NSSLHA organized and I hope you all consider me appropriate for the job.
NSSLHA has been such a great experience and has given me so much, and I feel if I am given the opportunity that I can give more back to it. I'm open to constructive criticism and any ideas or suggestions you may all have that can better suit our organization as a whole, and I feel positive taking on the challenge as your secretary.

Carly Miller
Hey fellow NSSLHA members! My name is Carly Miller and I am a Junior CSD major focusing in both Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it to elections, but I am studying abroad this semester so this is the closest I could get to giving this speech in person. I really want to be NSSLHA secretary and I’ll let you know why you should want that too! In high school I was secretary for two different organizations, where I was responsible for putting together events, keeping things organized, keeping track of membership, and taking minutes at meetings. So this is not new to me, and I will use my experience to help make NSSLHA more organized and better than ever!

A really important thing for me about being NSSLHA secretary is to have accurate and detailed minutes on the blog, for online members and people who aren’t able to make it to a meeting. I’ve been involved in other organizations in the past where the minutes have been thrown together without very much effort, which can be really frustrating if you want to know what is going on in the organization. So I would make sure that doesn’t happen with NSSLHA, too. Also I know it is important to know your status as a member throughout the semester, so I will be efficient with updating points on an Excel sheet that is easy to read and easy to find on the website. This way you will consistently know your progress toward being an active member!

My sister has cochlear implants and I have been passionate about CSD for as long as I can remember, so I love being a part of an organization where everyone else is passionate about these things as well. I have loved being a part of NSSLHA and I have gotten so much out of it, so it would be great to spend my senior year giving back to this organization as an officer!


Diana Mendoza
Good evening!
My name is Diana Mendoza, I am a Senior CSD major. This is my first semester OFFICIALLY in NSSLHA, however, I have come to meetings ever since switching to CSD in 2012.
Speaking of my switch, I know everyone has their story as to why they are in CSD, and I feel that is important to know eachothers. My knowledge of Speech Language Pathology came to me on my road to become a Physician Assistant. I was attending a meeting for Health Occupation Students Association, when we had an SLP come in. She described what types of patients she has, and detailed her job with such enthusiasm. My reasons for becoming a PA were covered within what she said. Growing up, I had a cousin with Down Syndrome. I saw how much she suffered to simply swallow her favorite foods, and the pain I felt witnessing her endure before passing away drove me to be someone that can help. In the years to come, my grandma would have a stroke, and also had difficulties. I can continue to list what hits home, but I think you all get that this is something I'm passionate about.
Since being in CSD, I have volunteered at Austin Speech Labs, and have interned for Dr. Byrd in the clinic - working with bilingual students that stutter, and now volunteer at Texas School for the Deaf, while initiating a volunteer program at a disadvantaged local elementary school for their Autism program (which will definitely be a regular NSSLHA program, once I get it going).
I do hope to target Speech Language Pathology and Audiology volunteer opportunities, if elected as officer.
I do come with fine print, in that I would like for it to be understood that "I am not a fan of people who do community service, simply to put it on paper (i.e. resume) that they did it. I want people to WANT to make an impact, and put their heart in what it is that they are volunteering for".
Now, I make myself sound incredibly demanding, but I am really nice...I promise:) As an old geezer, I have had the chance to not only volunteer with various other organizations, but I have been a service chair for a service organization called Lending Hearts for 2 years, retired my position, and then took on being in the University-wide event called Project 2014 (whichever year it is)'s Logistics committee, and their Outreach committee. These experiences have taught me how to search and find volunteer opportunities in the Austin area, reach out, and cover all details needed to have the event happen. I have always anticipated issues arising, and take precautions to avoid them. I have come up with ideas already for NSSLHA, and hopefully I will be able to share it with you all. I am organized, driven and networked. Hopefully I can take these skills to help NSSLHA in acquiring several volunteer opportunities.
Thank you for your time, and despite me being a noob of being NSSLHA legit, please vote for me!

Kendall Edison
What qualities do you have that would make you an effective leader for this chapter?
I can contribute a high level of professionalism. I am organized. I have leadership and orator skills. I am punctual and dependable. I do well at multi-tasking and creating detailed goals along with a timeline and procedure to achieve said goals. I feel that I am personable and approachable. I understand how much time and effort goes into creating a successful team and will not take the opportunity of becoming service-chair elect for granted.

What experience do you have that could contribute to the success of this NSSLHA Chapter?
I am an active member in my community. I enjoy volunteer work and make time to volunteer each month. I have served as an officer, so I am experienced and well-versed. I have acted as president of the Speech and Debate team and currently I am the grounds/landscaping manager at my student cooperative until summer and have been for the last year. I work with a team and together we work to accomplish our goals. I am studying psychology and communication sciences and disorders so that my studies may overlap and benefit the hands-on volunteer work I participate in. I worked real jobs before and understand responsibility as I am independently paying to go to school. I have never been fired, I have always left on good terms because I believe its important to create ties and connections rather than burning your bridges. I have always been dependable and hard working whether its for volunteer work, an officership, or as an employee. I have also worked with autistic children as a babysitter/care giver. I am currently volunteering and observing at a pediatric communication therapy clinic where I am exposed to a vast array of personalities, behaviors, and developmental ranges.

In specific regards to my choice of position:
I genuinely enjoy volunteer work. It's what I find meaning in. I plan on having enough volunteer opportunities for everyone to comfortably achieve their service points. I am a firm believer in networking so I hope to expand our service opportunities and try new things! I would also like to see us have more hands on options. My plan is to create a google doc sheet accessible to everyone that will proudly contain volunteer opportunities throughout the semester.

I currently work with these organizations and I love it:

Why is being a member of NSSLHA on your campus important?
Again, I must emphasize my appreciation and very real enjoyment of volunteer work. I find it to not only be fulfilling, but an excellent way to directly affect in a positive way, our local communities and organizations; in addition to, visibly giving back to individuals and families. It feels better to be able to see the work you are putting in help someone in the present time, as opposed to something more vague and distant. Spreading awareness on topics that are not touched on enough, as well as educating the public, is something I value.

What ideas do you have to improve this NSSLHA chapter?
Incentives to have all of points required by a priority date. Waiting until last minute can be stressful on the individual as well as the organization while they are trying to find new opportunities to make up points and scrambling to enter everyone at the very last minute.

Distribution of pamphlets to classes at UT that deal with child/family development, psychology, Special Edu, Com Sci Disorders, etc. as well as other relative clubs/organizations. For example, I spoke about the organization in a few of my classes in hopes of peaking the interest of potential members and recruiting. It was a success! Several individuals have expressed interest in joining next semester! Simple steps like this can vastly increase the dynamic membership of NSSLHA and I'm excited to be a part of its growth!

There are many more ideas that I have and would love to receive more depth from our members to better them!


Carly Miller
I would love to be secretary for NSSLHA, but if that does not work out I know that I would do a great job as fundraising chair as well. As fundraising chair I would organize more bake sales than we’ve had in the past, so that there are more point opportunities for you guys! I would continue to have profit shares at the typical places, but I think it would be great to also have profit shares at places we haven’t tried too, like Chili’s, Raising Canes, Chick Fil A, and Verts, to change things up a little bit! I want to use the fundraisers to create more point opportunities for you guys, as well as to make as much money as possible for NSSLHA so we can do all of the great things we want to do as a club. I am completely open to any other fundraising ideas and would put so much effort into the position!

Gabby Sepulveda
Hello, my name is Gabby Sepulveda and I am a junior Audiology major. I am running for your 2014-2015 fundraising chair! I transferred to the major relatively late in the game, so I’ve only been an official CSD student for one semester. However, I have been involved in NSSLHA for the past year and I have really enjoyed it more than I thought I ever would. There are so many of you that I have gotten to know already, and so many more that I would like to in the future. That’s a big part of the reason I want to be an officer for NSSLHA. I also loved going to TSHA, and I really want to be able to raise as much money for that as possible, so that more members can go without having to worry about the cost. I am currently the fundraising chair for Autism Speaks, so I do have some experience with organizing fundraisers. I think my experience would help me out a lot; however, since Autism Speaks is a smaller organization, I’m confident I would still have plenty of room to give as much time as is needed to NSSLHA. I do have a few ideas already, which definitely need some tweaking but could be helpful! I’ve learned in my other organizations that having holiday based fundraisers (like selling chocolate roses on Valentine’s Day or ornaments on Christmas) is generally more successful than random bake sales, because people love giving other people presents. Also, if we can think of games and raffles to incorporate with those bake sales which have to do with CSD in some way, I think that would be super fun. Anyhow, I hope I’ve convinced you all that I can do a good job for NSSLHA :) Have a great day everyone!


Tyler Hawthorne
To Tyler’s NSSHLA and CSD friends: As a sophomore interested in Audiology, and a member of TX NSSLHA for two semesters, Tyler Hawthorne has loved getting to socialize with UT students who have similar aspirations. He has also been a member of the UT Pep band, UT Men’s Chorus, and Texas APO. In these organizations, he’s held officer positions, and was selected onto a membership/fellowship committee. He’s a pretty social guy; He’s so social this is written in third person, because he’d have too much to say if he could use the word “I.” He finds the human sensory systems intriguing, and is highly interested in acquired hearing losses, hearing-protection technology for the military, musician’s earpieces, and Deaf Culture. His favorite NSSLHA memory so far was getting to attend TSHA classes and spending time with everyone in Houston. He learned quite a bit there, met two of the students recently accepted to the UT AuD program, and loved how delightful and outgoing all of his CSD peeps were. He’d love to utilize his superior organizational skills to plan UT NSSLHA’s 2015 TSHA adventure. He’s loved attending past socials and can’t wait to plan them in the future! His formal and informal social event ideas include—supporting TSD at a football game, the annual tailgate, a back-to-school waterpark/pool event, watching the Austin bats, attending an Austin Deaf-organization’s event, #TXNSSLHAgoesDT, a picnic/volleyball day at Peace Park, a mixer with the TX State NSSLHA, a mixer with another UT Communications’ organization, and study outings. Working with other officers, he will plan profit shares with the Fundraising chair, and a volunteer mixer/social with the Service chair. Detailed social event budget proposals will be written for the treasurer, and he’ll work with Publicity chair to promote an increase in usage of “#TXNSSLHA” on social media, and he’ll frequently report to the Presidents. He will constantly strive to uphold and execute the duties and responsibilities of the social chair, increase communication among all NSSLHA members, and stay in close contact with fellow officers. Planning at least two socials a month, Tyler fancies to increase the familial love, friendships, and support among the TX NSSLHA family!


Andrea Keller
Hi everyone!
My name is Andrea Keller and I'm going to be a fourth year Spanish Linguistics and CSD student this upcoming school year. This past year I was the Service Chair for NSSLHA, and because I greatly enjoyed my experience and time as a leader within NSSLHA I'm wanting to run as treasurer for this next year. Service Chair this past year taught me a lot about responsibility and organization and I feel that as your treasurer next year I'd be more than qualified to be an excellent money-keeper. Because I was an officer this past year I know the ins and outs of what it takes to be treasurer. Hayden and Ashley have thoroughly explained the duties to me. I've seen all the responsibilities Ashley had this past year such as collecting dues, cashing in checks once a week at Chase bank, getting money grants from the student government, and keeping track of our finances. Aside from the actual duties of treasurer, I'm really passionate about NSSLHA and all of the wonderful things we do as an organization. It's been wonderful getting to know everyone and observe all the amazing things each and every one of you do.

Thanks for your time,
Andrea Keller


Amanda Aguirre
Hey everyone, I’m Amanda Aguirre (preferably to be known as Mandy)!

I’m in the running to become the Historian for the 2014-2015 UT NSSLHA year. I have truly enjoyed immersing myself into this club, and I can’t imagine a better way to start off next year than being “that girl with the camera”. Fear not, I know what I’m doing! I have the qualifications for this position, which include:

1. I make for a great wallflower with a camera. I enjoy capturing photos (especially when people don’t know it) that best express a club’s purpose and family-like atmosphere. Also, I enjoy editing photos with the subpar Paint skills I have and more.

2. I love inclusion. There’s nothing that makes you feel cooler than being tagged in a photo on Facebook with a group of self-driven NSSLHA members, or seeing your face on your own Newsfeed. (It’s bragging rights!) Therefore, I will be constantly updating the page whenever there is an event to share. It’s for the social inclusion!

3. I’ve been a Historian in many clubs throughout high school, and I’m currently a Historian for Operation Smile, here on campus. Additionally, I know that this Historian position entails proper attendance for almost every function; thus, I will be doing my best to have a perfect attendance record.

Now, when it comes to my ideas for the Historian position, this includes:

1. Besides posting the photos on Facebook, I would like to post photos on the blog as well. I would like to incorporate photos of our events into the blog. This could include creating a tab for photos, which could eventually have a link to our Facebook.

2. I believe that having a “Member” tab on the blog could make the inclusion of our members more pronounced. I could take a photo of every member, as in a “picture-day” style, and post them on the blog along with a fun fact or quote. Online members could send a photo in, and I can post these photos on the blog/Facebook to show off our members. I also believe that eventually, faces could be attached to names! (Additionally, I could use these photos for the scrapbook at the end of the year, because I know we all secretly semi-enjoyed our funky high school yearbooks.)

I want nothing more than to contribute to the club that, personally, made my SLP degree plan official, and I promise to always be “that girl with the camera” who guarantees to take a photo of you.


Emily Ybarbo
My name is Emily Ybarbo and I am running for the publicity position. I am a junior speech pathology major from San Marcos, Texas. I am a member of Texas Dance, the competitive dance team for the university. I have been a member for three years and for two of these I have served as publicity/PR chair. In my time as Texas Dance's PR chair, I have given the team a social media presence. I have created and maintained all of our accounts including twitter, instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Through these accounts, I am able to show the world what we're doing, our accomplishments, and give fans outlets to keep up with us.
For NSSHLA, I see many opportunities through social media to attract new members to grow, spread awareness, gain support, and show off the accomplishments of our members and group. Since social media is such a large part of our world now, I think it's important that we put ourselves out there for others to see the work we are doing. My hopes as publicity chair are to expand our visibility and keep other UT students up-to-date with issues important to us by creating twitter, instagram, and Facebook profiles for NSSHLA! I think through these resources we can reach more students to share what is important to us.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

General Meeting 4: TSD Guest Speaker

Secretary's announcements:

  • attendance/points will be updated as soon as possible! thanks for your patience. please be checking the spreadsheet, and once points seem to have been entered, let us know if you're missing a point when other members' points have been entered for that category.
  • I will be setting a deadline shortly before banquet for members to let me know if they are missing points. This is so we can determine who was active this semester! 
  • be checking the google calendar, list of upcoming events, and Lindsey's april events facebook event! We have a lot going on this month! 

Upcoming Events: see Lindsey's Prezi

In addition, there will still be a miscellaneous point opportunity field trip to my uncle's acoustics lab on April 25th - see my previous blog post for info and a sign up!

Officer Elections Info:

The open positions will be: Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Service Chair, Fundraising Chair, Social Chair, and Publicity Chair. You may run for multiple positions, but doing so may split your vote! Also, be sure to look at how many other people are running for your chosen position before choosing! Choose wisely and good luck!

If you would like to run for an available position, you must complete the following steps:

1) Sign up on this google doc for the position(s) you will be running for:

2) Prepare a 2-3 minute speech on why you want the position you are running for, what qualifications you have, etc.

3) Email a written version of that speech to Sarah ( by April 21st at Noon to be posted on the blog (this way online members and members not in attendance can still vote).

4) (Optional) Attend the officer information meeting with the current officers on April 15th at 5:00 P.M.! We will meet in the Belo Student Leadership Suite! This is a great chance to learn about the responsibilities of each position. You may also email the individual officers to ask questions!

5) Attend the officer election meeting on April 22nd in BMC 1.202 at 5:00 to present your speech. If you cannot make it to this meeting, please email me and let me know. We might be able to make alternative arrangements!

Officer Job Descriptions:


Responsibilities include taking minutes at meetings and posting them to the blog for online members to see; keeping track of points and attendance for all members; making the sign-ins for the meetings. Also taking minutes at officer meetings on non-general meeting Tuesdays at 5pm, helping the officers stay organized, and maintaining the google calendar linked to the blog!


Responsibilities include carrying the cashbox to meetings, events, and anything we are selling anything at; collecting dues from members during meetings as well as from online members at a separate time; applying for grants, taking any money, checks, etc to Chase bank on Guadalupe, being up-to-date on the amount of money in our account and helping the other officers decide on budgets for their events. Also presenting to comm council in order to receive money for the organization by explaining to them what we need and what we will use it for.


Responsibilities include setting up two fundraisers per month (usually profit-shares at restaurants, bake sales, or in the past selling items like water bottles). Feel free to come up with your own ideas!


Responsibilities include planning two socials per month and usually one larger social per semester (last semester's tailgate). Biggest responsibility is planning our trip to TSHA (which always happens in the spring). There is a lot of paperwork involved with student travel and the social chair also makes hotel arrangements and helps get students registered for TSHA.


Responsibilities include planning two service events per month. Trying to incorporate new service events. Biggest responsibility is Cochlear Implant Kids Day, which involves getting food donations, arranging for interpreters, advertising to parents of kids with CIs, setting up game ideas, getting entertainment, etc.


Responsibilities include advertising all events, maintaining the Facebook and website; making Prezis for meetings; posting things to the NSSLHA bulletin board inside the clinic. Usually advertise through fliers around campus, sending the flier to Lorena and Cory to send out about meetings/upcoming events, emailing our sponsors weekly event updates, making facebook events, emailing the member list-serve. It sounds like a lot but it's not bad!


It's the historian's job to come to everything! As many events and meetings as possible and to photograph everything. MUST have a camera if you want to be historian. At the end of each semester, the historian hosts a scrapbooking meeting or event (depending on the meeting schedule) to have members make a group scrapbook.

TSD Guest Speaker:

Sarah Webb - SLP from Texas School of the Deaf!
  • special needs department
  • structure, support, behavioral intervention for students who need it
  • case load
    • less work with classic speech articulation; client load is a lot broader
    • mostly works on improving communication functions with the students
    • uses a lot of augmentative communication like picture boards, writing, iPads
    • does less 1 on 1 therapy and a lot of assessment, data collection, training others, keeping up with changing laws/standards/regulations, working in classrooms, observing students, and helping figure out where is the best placement for the individual students, and whether or not TSD provides that optimally
    • gets to pull kids out of class sometimes, other times she gets to help teach alongside the teacher in the classroom 
  • she learned ASL in undergrad; she felt like she was fully comfortable with it by her second year at TSD
  • the best things about her job
    • helping kids be able to communicate about their lives
    • getting to be around an entire campus that signs
    • being able to help improve the lives of special needs kids
  • TSD in general
    • serves deaf population of texas
    • 500 students
    • a lot of them live there!
    • 3yrs-22yrs served
    • also birth-3yrs day program
  • there ARE volunteer opportunities!
  • check out their website!!!
  • EMAIL SARAH @ for more info or if you would like to tour the school!