Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/19 Graduate Panel!

Hey guys,

This week we were fortunate enough to have a few of Texas's great Universities talk to us about their respective graduate programs and requirements.

The following are the schools that came and a brief recap of what they said.

  • GRE not required; but you must submit it if you want an academic scholarship
  • The application is online now
  • Deadline for application is February 1st
  • Visiting options available on Fridays from 11-12
  • Financial aid available
  • 5 semester program (1st year class, 2nd year clinic)
  • Avg. GPA 3.8
  • Last year there were about 234 applicants for 28 slots
  • Can specialize in bilingual, autism, fluency, or general
  • 3.0 minimum GPA requirement; last years average 3.89
  • mean GRE 1197, mean writing GRE: 4.3
  • 5 semester program
  • Classes and clinic run simultaneously
  • Specialty tracks available (multiculturalism, medical SLP, public school practice)
  • Accept 35-40 students per year
  • 5 semester program
  • classes and clinic throughout
  • 1st year at UT clinic, 2nd year offsite
  • no tracks- experience given in ALL fields
  • Each year about 20 students are accepted
  • Bilingual interest is available
  • Must write a Master's report/ Thesis Report in order to graduate
  • 4 semester program (3 semesters at Baylor and 1 semester Externship that can be anywhere in the country)
  • no tracks
  • have a language&literacy clinic, a general clinic, a neuro clinic
  • options of offsite placements
  • Graduate Assistant positions available by merit
  • Rolling admission (Summer, Fall, Spring)
  • 10-12 people accepted each semester
  • Rolling Admission
  • 5 semester program
  • Mean GRE : 1100
  • 39 hours of course work; 400 practicum hours
  • Application DEADLINE (Summer and Fall): MARCH 1st
  • Fall semester usually accepts 60 students
  • email Jan Lougeay for further questions:
6. OUR LADY of the LAKE
  • in San Antonio where there is a high Hispanic population (good for bilingual experience)
  • Bilingual/Bi-literate certification available
  • Avg GRE: 950-1000
  • 25 students accepted per year

Hope all that information is helpful!!! :)


10/26 and 10/27: BAKE SALE- In front of the CMA

- 6:00 p.m. at the Union, bring 5 dollars to play!

10/31: LONGHORN HALLOWEEN- sign up for a one hour shift to get a service point!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10/5 Meeting- Meet the Professors

Hello Everyone!

This weeks meeting was a great chance to meet some of our CSD Professors.

The professors who made it out were able to tell us a little bit about where they went to school, how they got started in the field, what classes they teach, and what their current area of interest/research is.

The Professors we had the privilege of hearing from were:

1. Dr. Craig Champlin
  • He teaches graduate level courses at UT
  • He is the chair of the CSD department
2. Dr. Dena Granof
  • She has her Ph.D
  • She holds the position of Senior Lecturer
3. Professor Chang Liu
  • Ph.D from Indiana University
  • Assistant Professor
  • Research interest in Speech Perception and Acoustics
4. Professor Tom Marquardt
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Research and focus in apraxia
5. Professor Bharath Chandrasekaran
  • Ph.D from Purdue University
  • Assistant Professor
6. Professor Lisa Bedore
  • Associate Professor
  • Went to Purdue University for graduate school
7. Professor Li Sheng
  • Ph.D from Northwestern University
  • Research in Language acquisition and bilingualism
8. Professor Harvey Sussman
  • Ph.D from University of Wisconsin
  • Teaches courses in the areas of speech production, speech perception, language and the brain, and neurolinguistics

NEXT SOCIAL: Bowling at the Union on October 26th, 6:00 p.m. (more details to come)

NEXT BAKE SALE: October 26th, CMA Plaza!