Tuesday, September 29, 2009


hey everyone!!! this is just the info sheet that was passed out at the first meeting. it has all the info that you need to know as far as being considered an ACTIVE or ONLINE member.

NSSLHA is a professional organization geared towards giving information on grad school, career paths, etc. to CSD majors. We meet every other Tuesday in UTC 1.102 at 5pm. Each meeting we focus on something different. This semester we will be getting to know the CSD professors, talking to grad school representatives, learning about career opportunities and having an AWESOME time! :)
To be considered an ACTIVE MEMBER you must:
· Attend 2 fundraisers, 1 social event, 2 service events and meetings
· Pay dues- $35 (this is for the entire 2009-10 school year and includes an OFFICIAL NSSLHA t-shirt)
You can also be an ONLINE MEMBER. This is for people who can’t make it to the meetings. To be considered an ONLINE MEMBER you must:
· let us know you want to be an ONLINE MEMBER =)
· pay dues- $35 (again, for the entire 2009-10 school and OFFICIAL NSSLHA t-shirt)
· respond to the meeting minutes that will be emailed after every meeting saying you have read them
· attend 2 fundraisers, 1 social event and 2 service events ** to be considered an ACTIVE MEMBER as well as an ONLINE MEMBER**
This year we are giving away 2 prizes (1 for the Fall semester and 1 for the Spring) to the member who is MOST ACTIVE- participates in the most activities, comes to all of the meetings etc. This “outstanding member” will get the choice of receiving a free manicure OR a free massage compliments of NSSLHA. =]
We are really looking forward to having a great year with everyone!!

Officer Meeting Updates

We just had an officer meeting, and I wanted to fill you guys in on some upcoming dates for NSSLHA!

Oct. 6th is Meet the Professors in the TX Union Theater at 5pm****notice location change****
The professors will be talking (all of the CSD professors) about their research projects/ interesting stuff that they do.
This is good for those of you who want to do an internship with a professor: you can see what they are doing, and what you are interested in. (all at once)

Oct. 20th is Grad School Panel in the TX Union Santa Rita Room at 5pm
This is a great opportunity to check out Texas schools for SLP and AuD programs
There will be about 8? schools in attendance. Bring questions that you have for them.
Should be a great meeting- dress neatly (they may remember you, make sure that it's a positive memory)
No need to dress up formally, just don't wear gym shorts and a budwiser tshirt

Oct. 21-22 is the next Bake Sale
Thanks to everyone who came out this week, we made good money
There will be a sign up sheet at the next two meetings for the next bake sale.

Oct. 25th Longhorn Halloween Service
This is a fun service project that we are doing this October
We will have a face painting booth!!
It's in the Erwin Center from 2-5 on Sunday, Oct. 5th
Sign Up sheet will be going around at the next few meetings

Nov. 10th, 11th, 12th Service week with Delta Phi Omega
We are co-hosting a service/fundraising week with this sorority.
More info to come once our plans become finalized!
Just keep some time open to attend some fun stuff in the evenings on these dates.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Town Hall Meeting Minutes

Comment on these minutes to get attendance credit!

NSSLHA Meeting minutes
Dr Champlain- dean: audiology and hearing science are his focus area. research- audiology related, assess auditory function in people. He doesn’t have much contact with undergraduates but is available as a resource to you. He talked about the student survival guide made by NSSLHA that gives advice for all students in CSD. Some things to do as an undergraduate: go online and look at a grad school application see what they may ask to get a sense of what they are looking for, look up the Texas Speech Language Hearing Association and the Texas Academy of Audiology to get more involved locally. Texas Academy of Audiology is having its meeting in November in Austin this year. There is an honors program for CSD. Some criteria for this-3.0 GPA in university, 3.5 GPA in CSD. They do 1 activity each semester that is different from class work. You should also get to know your professors- this will help you because they have a lot of stuff to offer and if they know you they will be able to advocate for you when applying for grad school. Dr. Champlain had a voice in the law that was passed to allow newborns to get their hearing tested as early as possible. The earlier a problem is detected, more can be done to fix it.

Ann Hillis- UT Speech and Hearing Clinic director: Gave information about observation hrs. Students will get an email from her tomorrow about the notes from today and info about observation hours. Observation hrs are done in the Clinic (2nd floor CMA) or off campus. At UT Speech and Hearing Clinic: You need 25 observation hours prior to applying for certification, but this is not required by UT. Ann will email a list of preferred times in the clinic- more than 1 client scheduled in case someone cancels. Sessions are 50 minutes long but counts as 1 hour. Must visit with Lorena before you come to the clinic to sign the confidentiality agreement and get the log sheet. You must have these with you when you are in the clinic, allows you to be in there she will check this when you are there. Lesson plans for sessions on door in corridor. You must get a supervisor to sign the log sheet before you leave. Each Thurs at 4pm, schedule will be put up about preferred times. 3 people for each time slot. Turn cell phones off. Leave backpacks on shelf in hallway. Off campus observation: the Capitol school is a great place but can go anywhere. Email Ann stating where you want to observe and contact info for that place. She must sign off on it. Then she will email you back saying you can observe. Bring copy of email giving permission and log of hrs to her box in clinic, leave phone number and make copy by end of semester. Can observe either SLP or Audiologist no matter major. You can observe over summer even though not taking classes. After you graduate, can’t observe any more.

Joan Ballash- audiologist: to observe for audiology get with lorena then meet with her. Aud= 4 yr doctorate degree. Honors undergraduate program can apply after you have taken CSD 341 and CSD 378. Can come to office hours on Mon 2-3pm. To participate in a practicum must take CSD 341, CSD 378 and have a 3.2 GPA. They do hearing testing in clinic. Joan mostly focuses on behavioral observation to hearing. She likes teaching observational skills, how to help kids hear to help them learn. She is teaching clinical audiology- CSD 378. Research projects- speech perception tests

Lorena Dominguez- undergrad advisor: application due 9-30 for perspective students in CSD. Info sessions available to attend. Audiology practicum that Joan spoke about, you must apply for it. The application will be online. Research opportunities are coming up. Meet with faculty if interested. You will be paired with faculty member. Grad school- IE intellectual entrepreneurship. You will be paired with grad student. Dr. Sherwitz will have more info. He is across from Lorena’s office or check out the website. Must be a Jr or Sr. This will be counted as a letter grade class. Want to focus the IE on working in the clinic, contact Lorena or Ann Hillis before you fill out application. This can be counted as 6 hrs outside of CSD, experience what grad school is like. Career exploration center fair this fall- info on their website. Syllabus for all CSD classes are now online on the CSD website. Writing component class only room for 25 students. She will accommodate graduating students first. Takes walk ins from 11-12.
1. Bake sale- if it is raining on Thurs and Friday, the bake sale will be rescheduled for Monday and Tuesday. Contact Robyn for the new list.
2. First social and service went great!! Thanks to everyone who came! =)
3. Remember to pay dues!! This is for the whole year and allows us to pay for your TSHA if you go. DUE by the NEXT meeting!

Don't forget to comment on this blog post to get credit for attendance at this meeting!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Town Hall meeting is today! CSD Faculty members such as Department Chair Dr. Champlin, Clinic Director Ann Hillis, Audiology Coordinator Joan Balash, CSD Advisor Lorena Dominguez and more, will be speaking about the CSD department and will be giving you updates for the upcoming year.
-Also, bring your dues ($35) and receive your official NSSLHA T-shirt today.
Where: UTC 1.102 (same room as first meeting)When: 5pm

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


FIRST SERVICE OPPORTUNITY (you need 2 per semester)

SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2009! Show starts at 7 PM

Friday Night Live Variety Show at the Texas School for the Deaf

1102 South Congress Austin, TX 78704

RL Davis Auditorium


IF YOU NEED A RIDE, we will meet for carpooling from STARBUCKS ON 24TH AND SAN ANTONIO at 6:00 PM

Don't forget! Bats tomorrow at 6:45 meet @ the yogurt spot! Bring friends!

First Meeting (Mixer Meeting)


-officers were introduced:

laura rosenberg- president laura.rosenberg@mail.utexas.edu

lety garza- vice president lgarza11@mail.utexas.edu

ashley breedlove- secretary arb5962@yahoo.com

selina gutierrez- treasurer sgutierrez358@gmail.com

robyn bautista- fundraiser rockinrobyn12_17@hotmail.com

sarah williams- service 88sarahwilliams@gmail.com

kelley corbett- social kcorbett89@mail.utexas.edu

nancy pena- publicity nancyp06@hotmail.com

ashley garcia- historian a_garcia04@yahoo.com

-each officer discussed a little about what they do:

president (laura)- oversees all of the events, meetings, etc. spoke about some big upcoming events for NSSLHA this yr: Cochlear Kids Day, TSHA

vice president (lety)- helps president, works on t-shirt. spoke about breaking up into smaller groups led by each officer

secretary (ashley b)- takes the meeting minutes, keeps attendance etc. spoke about logistics of being a member:

ACTIVE MEMBER- pay dues ($35- for whole school yr + t-shiirt), participate in 2 fundraisers, 2 service and 1 social event

ONLINE MEMBER- pay dues, respond to the meeting minutes saying that you've read them, participate in 2 fundraisers, 2 service and 1 social event to be considered ACTIVE as well as ONLINE MEMBER.

there will be an award for the MOST ACTIVE member. [person who participates in the most events, attends the most meetings...] one winner each semester. winner will get a free manicure OR free massage compliments of NSSLHA.

treasurer (selina)- deals with all of the money: writes checks, takes dues, balances the NSSLHA account. spoke about dues: $35 for the whole school yr (fall 09 and spring 10) and an OFFICIAL NSSLHA t-shirt. turn in dues to her (Selina Gutierrez) by the 3rd meeting- October 6.

publicity (nancy)- publicizes NSSLHA. updates website, facebook page, makes flyers for bake sales, pamphelets etc. updates NSSLHA's bulletin board in Speech and Hearing Clinic. passed out calendar for Sept. with important dates- fundraisers, services, socials, meetings.. etc.

fundraiser (robyn)- organizes fundraisers to raise money for NSSLHA. spoke about ideas for fundraisers- bake sales, carnation sales at graduation. announced first bake sale will be sept. 24-25 9am to 2pm.

service (sarah)- organizes different service projects for NSSLHA to be involved in. spoke about different ideas for service projects- deaf school variety show, something with halloween for Dell Children's Hospital, Turkey Baskets, volunteering at the Capitol School. announced first service will be a variety show at the deaf school on sept. 18. more details to follow.

social (kelley)- gets members together outside of meetings. spoke about different ideas for socials- ice cream socials, tailgating/watching away games together. announced first social will be on thursday sept. 10, 6:45pm at the Yogurt Spot on Guadalupe to hang out, eat ice cream and then go watch the bats fly out at the Congress Bridge.

historian(ashley g)- takes pictures at events, makes end of the year powerpoint for spring banquet, putting together a scrapbook, helps out other officers when needed.

-everyone broke up into smaller groups led by each officer.


first bake sale: sept 24-25 please sign up to work and bring a tasty item to sell!! contact Robyn for more info.

first social: THIS THURSDAY!!! Sept 10 6:45pm Yogurt Spot on Guadalupe then to watch the bats at Congress Bridge!! contact kelley for more info.

DUES ($35) due by the 3rd meeting!! Contact Selina.

first service event: Variety Show at the Deaf School Sept 18!! for more info contact Sarah

Welcome to NSSLHA

To solve our problems surrounding e-mail listserve confusion, we will now post NSSLHA minutes to this BLOG. Please leave a comment after the minutes are posted (after each meeting) WITH YOUR FULL NAME to show that you have read the minutes. We will post upcoming events and reminders on this page, as well as Facebook.

I hope that this helps!
I'm looking forward to a great semester!
Thank you for your input.

Sarah Williams