Friday, October 26, 2012

Grad School Panel 10-23-12

Hey everyone!

We had 3 great schools attend our grad school panel! We definitely learned a lot about each program. Read about them and see if any interest you! :)

UT – Austin
Audiiology student and SLP student
Study a lot more, more reading
Graduate courses – 1 or 2 big projects/papers instead of lots of homework and busy work
Balancing is hardest (work, clinic)
App process – standout of crowd, volunteer
o Statement of purpose – give yourself a deadline, let others read it, do not use words: passionate/passion,
o Make it easy for people that are writing letters of rec.
Get everything to them at once
GRE – don’t look at writing sample
SLP – 1st year – more concentration on classes
o 2nd year – more time working with clients
Aud – 1st year is 15  hours of clinic a week seeing patients, 12 hours of classes each semester
o Going off campus – work with ppl in community
o Overall idea is to get quicker at doing audiograms and hearing tests
Research based, is this true? – disagree, very clinical, in clinic all the time (SLP student) (Aud student)
UNT – Brittney
Denton, TX (30 min from Fort Worth)
5 semester program
Last 2 semesters: off-site practicum)
1st 3 semester are on on-campus clinic
Clinic based
Large focus on voice and aphasia research
1st semester – more supervision
Financial aid – scholarships, assistantships, research assistants, TA
Admissions – avg. 30-40 people
o Avg.  GPA 3.6-3.7
Take anything from 3.2 and higher
o GRE – above 50th percentile as competitive
o GRE DOES NOT define whole application
o Apply Texas app.
o 3 letters of rec.
Preferred: professor/employer in field
2nd preferred: professor in other field
Do not want to receive from friend or neighbor
o Personal statement
o Transcript
Degree plan: if you chose to go more research you can do independent study/thesis
Texas Women’s U
2 programs
Onsite and TETN
Onsite program
o Has Dallas and Denton campus  (do major course work there)
o Start practicum 1st semester, all the way through every semester
o Have option to do an extra hour of dysphasia
o More hands-on practicum
o Offer extra supervisor class (optional)
o Offer a slow track (less classes so that you can work) and fast track
Normal track is 6 semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Slow track is maybe 2-3 semesters longer
Admissions (same for both programs):
o Minimum 3.0, expect higher (3.6)
o Competitive GRE scores
o Weigh out all options
o Often do personal interviews
Research: stroke center in Dallas
o 1 semester is required to go through stroke center
o Language based, child-based research
o Dysphasia
Have class that is just for Praxis review
Employment rates: always jobs in schools, skilled nursing, and home health
o Be open to jobs that are not always your first choice
TETN – targeted for students that want to work in school
o Apply for grad school program and work as assistant at school
o Elementary/secondary
o Schools serve as practicum
o About 300 application/accept 100-110
o Same app process as on-site
o On-campus for a week, the rest of time you will be at regent center

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3rd Meeting - Austin Speech Labs

Hey everyone!!!!

Thank to everyone that made it out the meeting! Austin Speech Labs came and talked to us about what they do, what kinds of patients they see, and volunteer opportunities! As always, they're speakers and  inspirational stories reminded all of us why we love our major so much! :)

Non-profit org that provides intense speech therapy for stroke survivors
Most patients receive therapy 3 days a week for 3 hours
2 patients gave us their stories about how Austin Speech Labs helped them recover and regain their speech, even after receiving poor prognoses from doctors. Their stories were so amazing and inspirational to us all.
2 SLPAs and 1 volunteer spoke to us about how rewarding it is to work/volunteer there and see how patients improve so much in such a little bit amount of time
In order to volunteer: email –
o Looking for volunteers for this semester!
o 6 week sessions available as well starting in Nov.
o Email them with days and times you are available
o Most shifts are from 9am-12pm or 1-4pm
o There are also summer opportunities available.


Wear NSSLHA shirt to next meeting for group photo!
Oct. 18th next social from 6-8pm!!!
o Game night at the Block (details have been sent in an email)
o Bring some games you might want to play! (Wii games, board games)