Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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If anyone (especially you online members) missed the first in-person meeting and thus have not given me your e-mail address, you can fill out the following google form to be added to our list serv!

Get important info about what NSSLHA is doing!

Hook 'em, NSSLHA!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First Meeting!

Hi, everyone!

We had a great turnout at our first general meeting today! I hope everyone who ended up standing or sitting on the floor was still comfortable and enjoyed their free pizza!

We started off the meeting with the officers introducing themselves:

Co-Presidents: Hayden and Shelby - responsible for overseeing all the awesome things we do in NSSLHA! 

Vice President: Rebecca - responsible for assisting the presidents, helping us get t-shirts each year, and planning some of the larger events such as our spring banquet.

Secretary: Sarah (that's me!) - responsible for taking meeting minutes and maintaining the blog. I also keep track of attendance and points.

Treasurer: Ashley - responsible for all things money - especially collecting dues.

Fundraising Chair: Morgan - responsible for planning fundraising events for us.

Publicity Chair: Lindsey - responsible for making NSSLHA known to the community and managing our social media and communications. And making Prezis for meetings!

Social Chair: Hillary - plans our social events and makes sure everyone can get to know each other and feel connected to other students in our major.

Service Chair: Andrea - finds us opportunities to help out our community in areas related to CSD!

Historian: Robyn - documents all of our activities through pictures and helps us make a scrapbook each year!

Next up: How to be considered an ACTIVE MEMBER: 
- Pay dues (continue reading for amounts)
- Earn points by attending social, fundraising and service events
- 2 fundraising points
- 2 social points
- 2 service points
- Attend ALL meetings (if you miss a meeting, please comment on my blog post with your first and last name to make up for your absence)

ONLINE MEMBERS: For YOUR attendance, you can simply put your first and last name as a comment under my post after each meeting to indicate you've read it.
Online members can MEET OUR TREASURER ON FRIDAY, 9/20 FROM 11AM-1PM IN BMC to PAY DUES and buy old NSSLHA shirts if interested.

MEMBERSHIP DUES: $30 for the year or $25 for one semester. (Please pay by 3rd meeting - October 15th)

Benefits of being a member: 
- T-shirt
- TSHA (Texas Speech and Hearing Association) convention reimbursement
- Recognition at our spring banquet if you met requirements of an active member
- Special recognition and prizes for most active member
- GREAT for your RESUME!

Upcoming service events:
- Oct 4 - Handing out earplugs with short explanations about why everyone should care for their hearing (in anticipation of ACL).
- Nov 22 - Buddy day with children with speech and language needs from Capitol School of Austin - we'll have fun activities to do with our buddies like tie dying t-shirts! More info to come.

Stay tuned for more social events like going to Red Mango together, and get excited for tailgates in the near future!

Upcoming meeting themes:
- Oct 1 - Professor Panel (get to know your CSD faculty members better!)
- Oct 15 - TSHA Guest Speaker - Cathy Clapsaddle
- Nov 12 - Graduate Panel (we hope to have representatives from several grad schools give us more info about the characteristics of their SLP and Audiology Programs and what we can do to get in)

OUR NEXT MEETING IS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1st at 5pm in UTC 3.124 (It will always be every other Tuesday, and in this same location. See you all there!)

Here's the link to the Prezi we went through at the meeting. It contains a lot of great information!

We had everyone fill out a survey about why they joined NSSLHA and what they hope to gain from it. If you would like to fill out a survey via google form click here.

Congrats to our raffle winners who got free t-shirts!

We had our first social/fundraiser at Red Mango after the meeting. If you came, be sure to email a picture of your receipt to for your fundraising point! 


Hook 'em, NSSLHA!
(Please comment below with your first and last name if you're an online member and want to be counted as present!)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Fall 2013!

Hi, everyone!

This is Sarah, NSSLHA Secretary for this year. We're looking forward to another great semester together this Fall, and if anyone hasn't heard yet, our first meeting will be Tuesday, September 17th at 5pm in UTC 3.124. We'll fill you in on everything you need to know about being a NSSLHA member, our plans for the semester, and how you can get involved with the CSD community in Austin. There will be free pizza at the meeting, and we'll head to Red Mango together for a social afterward.

For anyone who may have conflicts with our every-other-Tuesday meeting times, here is where I'll post the meeting minutes after each meeting for online members to read and comment on in place of their actual meeting attendance.

Be sure to also find us on Facebook here to stay up to date:

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on the 17th!

Hook 'em!