Monday, March 10, 2014

Friar Centennial Teaching Fellowship - Nominate a Professor!


Below is a message from one of your officers regarding nominating professors for the Friar Centennial Teaching Fellowship award. If you have had similarly positive experiences as a student of Dr. Byrd's, please consider nominating her for this award. If you haven't had Dr. Byrd as a professor, please consider nominating another professor that has had a positive impact on your path to becoming an SLP, AuD, or Deaf Educator. Let's let the committee know about the great things happening in the CSD department!

"Hi everyone (:

The Friar Centennial Teaching Fellowship is an annual award that is given to an undergraduate tenure track professor who demonstrates outstanding teaching excellence, and goes above and beyond their calling. I have nominated Dr. Byrd for this award and I believe that she embodies the type of professor that they are looking to recognize. It would be awesome if anyone who has had Dr. Byrd as a professor or has done research with her to nominate her as well! The more people who nominate her, the better her chances will be of receiving the award. Try to include your own personal stories and experiences with Dr. Byrd in order to make your nomination unique and meaningful!

P.S. No professor from CSD has ever received this award, let's make this happen (:

Here is the link to the nomination form: Friar Centennial Teaching Fellowship

The deadline is Friday, March 21st.

Have a great Spring Break!!

Morgan Anders"


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