Wednesday, October 29, 2014

General Meeting Minutes #4

Hello NSSLHA! We had such a great turnout at our graduate school panel yesterday and we are so grateful to all of the schools that participated and provided us with such great info about their respective programs. Here's the rundown on our upcoming events and opps and all of the info from our panel.

Reminder: Each event you sign up for credits you ONE point, regardless of the shifts you sign up for. The only exception to this is bake sales where you can receive one point for volunteering and one for bringing baked goods. Please keep this in mind when you sign up for events. 

Service Opportunities
Longhorn Halloween: November 2nd at the Frank Erwin Center. We need volunteers for event set up from 11:30am - 2pm and volunteers for the actual event from 2-5pm
Thanks Day: November 6th at Gregory Plaza for one hour any time between 9am and 2pm. This event is to encourage others to thank UT's supporters for all they do for the school.
Brooke Elementary School: SCORES Program: Starts the second week of November on Tuesdays from 8-10am or 1-2:40pm. Tasks include shadowing students that are being evaluated for Autism, documenting information from these students, seeing the teachers in action, and working with these students side by side.
The University of Texas Child Development Campus Book Drive: Asking for gently used children and parenting books. 2 books = 1 point.
Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas (DSACT) Speech Program: This event is a year-long service opportunity that starts January 2015 and ends December 2015. For a few hours 1-2 times a month on Saturdays you will assist in child-directed play, prepare the space for instruction, as well as aid families with behaviors.

Sign ups will be emailed out and posted to the blog once they are available!

Fundraising and Social Events
TSD (Texas School for the Deaf) Football Game: Friday November 7th at 7PM. If you need a ride, we will be meeting in front of Littlefield Fountain at 6:30PM. Google spreadsheets will be posted and emailed for drivers and cars needed as soon as the event approaches!
Iowa State Tailgate: This was a huge success and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed hosting it. The sign up was lost so if you attended, please assure your social point by adding your name to the google sheet here
Bake Sale: November 5th from 10am-3pm outside of the CMA. You can receive one point for volunteering and one point for donating baked goods. Sign ups are included below

Miscellaneous Points 
National Stuttering Association Open House: Monday November 10th from 6:30-8:30 PM. Free pizza and refreshments! Please RSVP to Ryan McDermott by November 8th at
Brown Bag Meet Ups: Please arrange your meetups and send your pictures to Lindsey at :)

Grad School Panel
University of Houston 
Contact Information: Dr. Byron Ross
Offers a Masters of Art or Masters of Science Degree
Accredited Program
Admission to the program is limited to 30-40 new students each fall. Deadline to apply is February 1st
Academic coursework is a total of 49 credit hours, which include 31 of required content coursework, 3 credits of electives, and 15 credits in clinic assignments
Offers Part-time or Full-time track
Part time students enroll in a 7 semester program and Full time students enroll for 5 semesters
3 Specialty Tracks: Medical, Pediatric, or Research and you can select upon admission
Offer diverse clinical clientele experience, including bilinguals
Admissions Process includes: Resume, 3 letters of recommendation, personal statement, official transcripts and GRE scores

Lamar University 
Located in Beaumont, TX an hour from Houston
2-year Masters of Science Degree program
Doctoral Program for Audiology
No specialized tracks, however, they do offer certifications in Vocology which students can elect to do as separate courses from the required coursework
Consists of 10 academic course and a sequence of clinical practicum experiences
Very hands on experience - each person gets their own client
Offers mentor program: Mentor to undergraduate freshmen or sophomore
The majority of the hospital and medical exposure students seek are offered in the last two semesters through externships
Admissions Process includes: 3 letters of recommendation, competitive GPA and GRE score, and an essay on career goals

West Texas A&M
Contact Information: Dr. Brenda Fields Cross, email:
Located in Canyon, outside of Amarillo
Undergraduate and Graduate Program
On-site clinic
Contracted by several of the local districts for speech pathology services for grad students
Medical placements for students with local hospitals are also available
Graduate program admits 27 students in the fall
Only offer Fall Admission
Students are brought in for Clinical Orientation a week before school starts and the first week of classes is also the first week of clinical rotations
5 semesters
No academic coursework the last spring, instead students leave on an externship to solely work on getting hours

Contact Information: Leah, email:
Take summer and fall admissions: 12 students accepted in the summer and 12 in the fall, and 6 for the slow track
Main campus is in Denton and part of the campus is in Dallas
Splitting the practicums - Dallas offers an awesome stroke center
7 semesters for full time
A slow track is available for students who want to work and go to school at the same time. This allows them to graduate a semester or two behind by taking a lighter course load but still going through the same sequence
Summer program is also available
There are a lot of opportunities to figure out what you like and what you don't like and you can shape your interests and the experiences you would like to participate in
Do offer a leveling program
Please check out their website for more info, including individualized programs and summer programs

UT Dallas 
Contact Information: Dr. Robert Stillman, email:
Very individualized and flexible program so that you can choose the coursework and practicum you want based on your career goals
Degree plan only has 6 required courses (16 hours)
Total hours required is 39, leaving you with 23 hours of free electives
Offer 26 different elective courses every year
11 one credit online modules are also offered
City of Dallas for practicum on and off campus offers many medical placements, schools, clinics, long term care, private practices to place students
60-65 active sites every semester
Supportive, student centered, open door atmosphere
Definitely recommend visiting to get a feel for it
Program is designed so that students are out by 4PM allowing room for jobs
New autism center will be opened in the spring semester and a new clinical training/services facilities is also being built
If you're interested in research, there is a PhD program and plenty of research opportunities and positions are available
Bilingual program: focused on large measure of early reading and pre literacy. Will most likely hire 9 students
Do admit in all 3 semesters
Letters of recommendation are probably the most important for admission since UT Dallas does know the faculty here personally and their perception of who you are is solely based on that
Strongly encouraged to talk to the faculty

That's all for today! Don't forget our next meeting will actually be NEXT WEEK on November 4th so please come out. See you then! :)


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