Thursday, April 10, 2014

General Meeting 4: TSD Guest Speaker

Secretary's announcements:

  • attendance/points will be updated as soon as possible! thanks for your patience. please be checking the spreadsheet, and once points seem to have been entered, let us know if you're missing a point when other members' points have been entered for that category.
  • I will be setting a deadline shortly before banquet for members to let me know if they are missing points. This is so we can determine who was active this semester! 
  • be checking the google calendar, list of upcoming events, and Lindsey's april events facebook event! We have a lot going on this month! 

Upcoming Events: see Lindsey's Prezi

In addition, there will still be a miscellaneous point opportunity field trip to my uncle's acoustics lab on April 25th - see my previous blog post for info and a sign up!

Officer Elections Info:

The open positions will be: Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Service Chair, Fundraising Chair, Social Chair, and Publicity Chair. You may run for multiple positions, but doing so may split your vote! Also, be sure to look at how many other people are running for your chosen position before choosing! Choose wisely and good luck!

If you would like to run for an available position, you must complete the following steps:

1) Sign up on this google doc for the position(s) you will be running for:

2) Prepare a 2-3 minute speech on why you want the position you are running for, what qualifications you have, etc.

3) Email a written version of that speech to Sarah ( by April 21st at Noon to be posted on the blog (this way online members and members not in attendance can still vote).

4) (Optional) Attend the officer information meeting with the current officers on April 15th at 5:00 P.M.! We will meet in the Belo Student Leadership Suite! This is a great chance to learn about the responsibilities of each position. You may also email the individual officers to ask questions!

5) Attend the officer election meeting on April 22nd in BMC 1.202 at 5:00 to present your speech. If you cannot make it to this meeting, please email me and let me know. We might be able to make alternative arrangements!

Officer Job Descriptions:


Responsibilities include taking minutes at meetings and posting them to the blog for online members to see; keeping track of points and attendance for all members; making the sign-ins for the meetings. Also taking minutes at officer meetings on non-general meeting Tuesdays at 5pm, helping the officers stay organized, and maintaining the google calendar linked to the blog!


Responsibilities include carrying the cashbox to meetings, events, and anything we are selling anything at; collecting dues from members during meetings as well as from online members at a separate time; applying for grants, taking any money, checks, etc to Chase bank on Guadalupe, being up-to-date on the amount of money in our account and helping the other officers decide on budgets for their events. Also presenting to comm council in order to receive money for the organization by explaining to them what we need and what we will use it for.


Responsibilities include setting up two fundraisers per month (usually profit-shares at restaurants, bake sales, or in the past selling items like water bottles). Feel free to come up with your own ideas!


Responsibilities include planning two socials per month and usually one larger social per semester (last semester's tailgate). Biggest responsibility is planning our trip to TSHA (which always happens in the spring). There is a lot of paperwork involved with student travel and the social chair also makes hotel arrangements and helps get students registered for TSHA.


Responsibilities include planning two service events per month. Trying to incorporate new service events. Biggest responsibility is Cochlear Implant Kids Day, which involves getting food donations, arranging for interpreters, advertising to parents of kids with CIs, setting up game ideas, getting entertainment, etc.


Responsibilities include advertising all events, maintaining the Facebook and website; making Prezis for meetings; posting things to the NSSLHA bulletin board inside the clinic. Usually advertise through fliers around campus, sending the flier to Lorena and Cory to send out about meetings/upcoming events, emailing our sponsors weekly event updates, making facebook events, emailing the member list-serve. It sounds like a lot but it's not bad!


It's the historian's job to come to everything! As many events and meetings as possible and to photograph everything. MUST have a camera if you want to be historian. At the end of each semester, the historian hosts a scrapbooking meeting or event (depending on the meeting schedule) to have members make a group scrapbook.

TSD Guest Speaker:

Sarah Webb - SLP from Texas School of the Deaf!
  • special needs department
  • structure, support, behavioral intervention for students who need it
  • case load
    • less work with classic speech articulation; client load is a lot broader
    • mostly works on improving communication functions with the students
    • uses a lot of augmentative communication like picture boards, writing, iPads
    • does less 1 on 1 therapy and a lot of assessment, data collection, training others, keeping up with changing laws/standards/regulations, working in classrooms, observing students, and helping figure out where is the best placement for the individual students, and whether or not TSD provides that optimally
    • gets to pull kids out of class sometimes, other times she gets to help teach alongside the teacher in the classroom 
  • she learned ASL in undergrad; she felt like she was fully comfortable with it by her second year at TSD
  • the best things about her job
    • helping kids be able to communicate about their lives
    • getting to be around an entire campus that signs
    • being able to help improve the lives of special needs kids
  • TSD in general
    • serves deaf population of texas
    • 500 students
    • a lot of them live there!
    • 3yrs-22yrs served
    • also birth-3yrs day program
  • there ARE volunteer opportunities!
  • check out their website!!!
  • EMAIL SARAH @ for more info or if you would like to tour the school!

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