Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First General Meeting Minutes!

Hi everyone! Thank you to all of you that came out to our meeting today! We hope to see you at future meetings and events, but for now, here's a more detailed recap of the information that was covered today :)

Secretary Overview:
A total of 7 points are required each semester in order to be recognized as an active member of NSSLHA. These points come from our four categories: Service, Social, Fundraising, and Miscellaneous. The first 3 (service, social, and fundraising) require 2 points per category. Only one miscellaneous point is required and any remaining miscellaneous points will roll over to any category that is missing points. Negative points will be implemented this semester. For example, if you sign up for an event and fail to show up or notify an officer 24 hours prior that you will not make it, a point will be deducted. With that being said, please try to sign up for events that you can commit to and please show up to your designated shift! :)
As for attendance, there is no official penalty for missing a meeting. However, we'd like to see our members and interact with fellow peers. It's understandable though if you have a reason for not being able to attend, so we'd like to be notified if you cannot make a meeting or if you will be an online member. If you cannot attend a regular meeting, check out the meeting minutes posted here and comment that you have read them. Online members have the same requirements for points and dues and must comment within 24 hours of the meeting to be counted for attendance.

As for the blog, all of the info for NSSLHA and from the officers will be posted here regularly, as well as your points and attendance spreadsheet. Please check the FAQs and email me if you have any questions you'd like to have answered. The Officer Contact Info tab contains all of our emails so please reach out to us! And if some of you are more active on Twitter, you all can ask me questions on there as well so tweet me! @paolahuertaa :)

Social and Fundraising Events: 
We have a couple of events coming up so mark your calendars and join us!
Blazertag Social: Thursday September 18th @ 8PM 
We have two games reserved, one at 8:20 and the following at 8:40. 
Red Mango Profit Share: Wednesday September 24th from 6:30-8:30 
This event will count as 1 fundraising point, as well as 1 social if you stay for an hour and chit chat with us! Please save your receipt and email or text it to Gabby. 
NSSLHA Tailgate: Saturday October 18th (Iowa State Game)
More details to come! 

Service Opportunities:
UT Speech and Language Center/Clinic: Friday September 19th @ 8AM
Please come and help Dr. Franco organize the new materials room. Meet in front of clinic doors!
Growing Roots Volunteer Tuesdays: September 23 from 5:30-8PM @ Pan Am Cantu Rec Center (2100 E 3rd St) 
This is a local program to help families of autistic and disabled children. Our job as volunteers is to supervise and interact with the children. Priority will be given to the first 6 to sign up. Further volunteer dates will be offered each month so be on the look out for that!
Best Buddies Game Night: Sunday October 5th from 4-6PM @ SAC Ballroom (2.410)
Classes for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Details posted on UT NSSLHA Facebook. This is a great opportunity to work with adults and learn more on TBI, Autism, Down Syndrome, etc. in an informal and fun setting!

New Fluency Institute Naming Ceremony: September 29th @4PM in the Belo Auditorium
Please come and support Dr. Byrd for her teaching, research, and clinical work by attending!

Guest Speaker: Austin Speech Labs
Shilpa Shamapant: President and Co-Founder of Austin Speech Labs (ASL)
Non-profit organization that relates directly to speech therapy, primarily with adult stroke victims ages 18-90+. Therapy sessions are 3 hours each with shifts from 9am-12pm and 1-4pm. ASL receives about 500 volunteers a year, mostly undergrad students. Volunteers allow ASL to serve its mission and fulfill its vision. As a volunteer, your responsibility is to get involved and get to know the client(s) with hands-on experience, group sessions, and at times individual sessions. 
This year, ASL is formally partnering with NSSLHA in order to hopefully increase the number of volunteers in order to work together to help stroke survivors get back out in the social and professional environments. As part of the partnership, NSSLHA will provide orientation training prior to sessions as well as transportation Monday-Friday during both shifts to help those who would like to volunteer but do not have a means of transportation. ASL will provide gas cards to ease the costs of transportation and t-shirts for all of the volunteers to wear during their shifts as well as when making presentations regarding ASL and stroke prevention. As a reward for our hard work, ASL will recognize 2-3 volunteers from each shift during their classes as well as during a volunteer appreciation event in April. In addition to the experience and recognition as a volunteer, ASL can also provide a good means for receiving letters of recommendation given that you present exceptional consistency as a volunteer and do not miss your shift more than 3 times per semester unless notifying 24 hours in advance. If this is something you're interested in, please email Adrienne at staff@austinspeechlabs.org   

I know this is a lot of information but it was our first meeting so bear with me! If you have any questions, post them to our NSSLHA page or email an officer. See you at our next meeting, Tuesday September 23rd at 5PM in the same room! 


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  4. Read the minutes. I thinks it's great that ASL is now providing rides. I wish my schedule matched their open time slots, it is a great opportunity.

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