Tuesday, September 30, 2014

General Meeting Minutes 9/30

Hey NSSLHA! We had a wonderful meeting today and we're so glad you all could come out and join our 6 CSD professors for our professor panel. Before I get into that, here's an overview of all of our announcements upcoming events. Mark your calendars! :)

Andrea will be accepting dues from now until October 14th, which is also our third meeting. If you fail to pay before this deadline, your dues will increase by $5. Outside times to meet with her will be arranged according to her schedule and she will send out an email or post to our Facebook regarding the times! Please keep an eye out for that. Also, don't forget: dues are $35 for the whole year or $25 each semester and this does include our super cute t-shirt :)

Social and Fundraising Events 
Blazertag Social: Due to bad weather, we had to reschedule this event, but we hope to see you all there this Thursday, 10/2 at 8pm at 1701 W Ben White Blvd. First game is at 8:20 and the second is at 8:40. For those carpooling, please sign up on the google doc and meet at Littlefield Fountain before 7:30! RSVP to our Facebook event as well!
Austin's Pizza Fundraiser: Tuesday October 14th, from 5-10PM following our NSSLHA meeting. Don't forget to mention you're with UT NSSLHA and take a pic of your receipt to email or text to Gabby so your points can be accounted for!
Iowa State Tailgate: So excited for this event! Saturday, October 18th at 4PM. It'll be between 16th and 17th St off of Congress and you're more than welcome to bring a date! Please RSVP to our Facebook event.
TSD (Texas School for the Deaf) Football Game: Saturday November 1st at 5PM. More details to come!

Service Opportunities 
Growing Roots: Volunteer Tuesday, 10/7 from 5:30-8PM at the Pan Am Cantu Rec Center located at 2100 East 3rd St. Priority will be given to those who sign up first!
ACL Ear Plugs: We forgot to mention this, but sometime next week we will be giving out ear plugs on campus in preparation for ACL. Further info will be emailed out soon!
Best Buddies Fall Fundraiser: Sunday, October 19th. More details to come! First five volunteers will receive preference.
Texas Academy of Audiology Conference: Friday and Saturday October 24-25th, 2014
Best Buddies Halloween Carnival: Sunday, November 2nd at the SAC Ballroom, 2.410
and we are also signed up for Longhorn Halloween! We'll email out google docs and info as these dates approach :)

Austin Speech Labs: NEW EMAIL for anything related to volunteering
And don't forget to like "Austin Speech Labs" on Facebook as well!

Miscellaneous Points
GRE Study Groups!
Weekly study groups hosted by Lindsey, Robyn, and Gabby to help prep and practice for the GRE. These will be every Thursday from 5:30 to 7. Attending two sessions will count for one miscellaneous point. We will post more information as to location and details soon :) 
NSSLHA Brown Bag Meet Up 
Brown Bag is an easy way to get to know other people in NSSLHA
*Mainly for freshmen and upperclassmen to be able to connect and seniors with graduate students/ doctoral students
Sign-up Deadline: (10/10) Tuesday at 11:59 pm*
After the form deadline ends (10/10) Tuesday at 11:59 pm, your brown bag assignment will be emailed to you and you can contact each other to find a time to meet over coffee or a meal and get to know each other.
****LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10ZBc9AimS8Wb4GwAUXa0ldsbXOdXNdty5kxBM7-30Ns/viewform?usp=send_form
Count as 1 Misc. Point (take a picture during your meetup and email it to Lindsey!) lfoo@utexas.edu

Professor Panel
Dr. Bedore: Professor, UT Speech and Hearing Clinic 
Has been faculty in CSD since 1999
Always had an interest in linguistics and bilingualism, as well as cross linguistics
Works in the UT HABLA lab conducting research, especially in what we know about Spanish     bilinguals and how that applies to other bilinguals in the US
Teaches undergraduate observation course, courses in developmental langage disorders and bilingual language theory for graduates
Her advice: Take advantage of opportunities to volunteer, programs such as IE, and any lab participation. These help you find your interests, as well as help you stand out in your major.

Dr. Bernstein: Professor, Associate Dean 
Coordinator for Deaf Education/Studies Program
Associate Dean for Student Affairs in College of Communication
Has a degree in the area of applied psycholinguistics and child language acquisition
Has been at UT for 33-34 years already
Currently not involved in an active research lab but he does maintain active work with students that want to be involved with deaf children
His advice: If you're looking for direction with deaf kids and education and the families, definitely visit him. He also recommends to focus on your writing. Essays are read by real people who learn a lot about you from what you say. Demonstrate your passion - don't just write about it. Essays are a window of who you are and what you want.

Dr. Booth: Professor, Department Chair 
Serves as the department chair of CSD
Goal of his research is to understand mechanisms of brain development using advanced neuroimaging techniques
Being at UT has provided him with a great personal move in the sense that his interests are going younger and more solidly in language
As a professor, he can decide to go learn about something, do it, and become an expert by pursuing the area that interests you
His advice: Always stick up for yourself, follow your interests and intuitions, and be true to yourself.

Dr. Davis: Professor, NSSLHA Sponsor 
NSSLHA sponsor
Always liked language and happened to fall into CSD
Used to own a private practice, which lasted 5 years, where she worked and consulted with individuals with autism and those who are developmentally disabled
Has been part of the UT faculty since 1992
Likes to study how human infants employ speech sound system and the generalizations we can make about how humans learn
Interested in hearing impaired individuals and speech perceptions and severe childhood disorders
Research has always been a major part of her career
Her advice: Do research that creates new knowledge in order to learn about a dimension of your field. Also, think about who you're going to ask for recommendation letters. It's important to have someone who knows your capability and can speak for you.

Dr. Liu: Professor 
Received his Bachelor's in Biophysics and Physiology in Beijing, China
Has been at UT since 2007
Teaches hearing science
Interested in research involving speech and auditory perception
Currently working on research of speech production and perception of English non-native speakers and speech enhancement for speech perception in noise for normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners
His advice: Research experience is what's important in determining interests. You need to dive into something and be involved in order to figure out whether you like it or not.

Dr. Nericcio: Professor, UT Speech and Hearing Clinic 
Graduated from this program!
40 years of experience in the field of bilingual speech pathology
Teaches Adult Neurogenic Disorders in the undergraduate level
Also teaches at the clinic and loves what she does
Interested in language literacy and adult neurogenic disorders
Loves to work with students
Her advice: Right now, the more you read, the more you'll know, the better you write. All of that is extremely important. Research and volunteer and have fun with your peers. BDP and IE involvement is also important.

Thank you all for coming out and I hope you enjoyed our professor panel! Hope to see all of your lovely faces at our October events and don't forget our next meeting on October 14th! Please email any of the officers if you still have questions pending today's meeting. Have a great night! :)


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