Tuesday, September 29, 2009


hey everyone!!! this is just the info sheet that was passed out at the first meeting. it has all the info that you need to know as far as being considered an ACTIVE or ONLINE member.

NSSLHA is a professional organization geared towards giving information on grad school, career paths, etc. to CSD majors. We meet every other Tuesday in UTC 1.102 at 5pm. Each meeting we focus on something different. This semester we will be getting to know the CSD professors, talking to grad school representatives, learning about career opportunities and having an AWESOME time! :)
To be considered an ACTIVE MEMBER you must:
· Attend 2 fundraisers, 1 social event, 2 service events and meetings
· Pay dues- $35 (this is for the entire 2009-10 school year and includes an OFFICIAL NSSLHA t-shirt)
You can also be an ONLINE MEMBER. This is for people who can’t make it to the meetings. To be considered an ONLINE MEMBER you must:
· let us know you want to be an ONLINE MEMBER =)
· pay dues- $35 (again, for the entire 2009-10 school and OFFICIAL NSSLHA t-shirt)
· respond to the meeting minutes that will be emailed after every meeting saying you have read them
· attend 2 fundraisers, 1 social event and 2 service events ** to be considered an ACTIVE MEMBER as well as an ONLINE MEMBER**
This year we are giving away 2 prizes (1 for the Fall semester and 1 for the Spring) to the member who is MOST ACTIVE- participates in the most activities, comes to all of the meetings etc. This “outstanding member” will get the choice of receiving a free manicure OR a free massage compliments of NSSLHA. =]
We are really looking forward to having a great year with everyone!!


  1. thanks, i've read the minutes - Lauren Whitney Bates

  2. thanks for the information about the professors!! it is very helpful - too bad I could not attend

    Cara Patierno

  3. Read the minutes. Paid the dues (: