Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Meeting (Mixer Meeting)


-officers were introduced:

laura rosenberg- president

lety garza- vice president

ashley breedlove- secretary

selina gutierrez- treasurer

robyn bautista- fundraiser

sarah williams- service

kelley corbett- social

nancy pena- publicity

ashley garcia- historian

-each officer discussed a little about what they do:

president (laura)- oversees all of the events, meetings, etc. spoke about some big upcoming events for NSSLHA this yr: Cochlear Kids Day, TSHA

vice president (lety)- helps president, works on t-shirt. spoke about breaking up into smaller groups led by each officer

secretary (ashley b)- takes the meeting minutes, keeps attendance etc. spoke about logistics of being a member:

ACTIVE MEMBER- pay dues ($35- for whole school yr + t-shiirt), participate in 2 fundraisers, 2 service and 1 social event

ONLINE MEMBER- pay dues, respond to the meeting minutes saying that you've read them, participate in 2 fundraisers, 2 service and 1 social event to be considered ACTIVE as well as ONLINE MEMBER.

there will be an award for the MOST ACTIVE member. [person who participates in the most events, attends the most meetings...] one winner each semester. winner will get a free manicure OR free massage compliments of NSSLHA.

treasurer (selina)- deals with all of the money: writes checks, takes dues, balances the NSSLHA account. spoke about dues: $35 for the whole school yr (fall 09 and spring 10) and an OFFICIAL NSSLHA t-shirt. turn in dues to her (Selina Gutierrez) by the 3rd meeting- October 6.

publicity (nancy)- publicizes NSSLHA. updates website, facebook page, makes flyers for bake sales, pamphelets etc. updates NSSLHA's bulletin board in Speech and Hearing Clinic. passed out calendar for Sept. with important dates- fundraisers, services, socials, meetings.. etc.

fundraiser (robyn)- organizes fundraisers to raise money for NSSLHA. spoke about ideas for fundraisers- bake sales, carnation sales at graduation. announced first bake sale will be sept. 24-25 9am to 2pm.

service (sarah)- organizes different service projects for NSSLHA to be involved in. spoke about different ideas for service projects- deaf school variety show, something with halloween for Dell Children's Hospital, Turkey Baskets, volunteering at the Capitol School. announced first service will be a variety show at the deaf school on sept. 18. more details to follow.

social (kelley)- gets members together outside of meetings. spoke about different ideas for socials- ice cream socials, tailgating/watching away games together. announced first social will be on thursday sept. 10, 6:45pm at the Yogurt Spot on Guadalupe to hang out, eat ice cream and then go watch the bats fly out at the Congress Bridge.

historian(ashley g)- takes pictures at events, makes end of the year powerpoint for spring banquet, putting together a scrapbook, helps out other officers when needed.

-everyone broke up into smaller groups led by each officer.


first bake sale: sept 24-25 please sign up to work and bring a tasty item to sell!! contact Robyn for more info.

first social: THIS THURSDAY!!! Sept 10 6:45pm Yogurt Spot on Guadalupe then to watch the bats at Congress Bridge!! contact kelley for more info.

DUES ($35) due by the 3rd meeting!! Contact Selina.

first service event: Variety Show at the Deaf School Sept 18!! for more info contact Sarah


  1. example for the online members:

  2. Laura Rosenberg : )