Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Officer Meeting Updates

We just had an officer meeting, and I wanted to fill you guys in on some upcoming dates for NSSLHA!

Oct. 6th is Meet the Professors in the TX Union Theater at 5pm****notice location change****
The professors will be talking (all of the CSD professors) about their research projects/ interesting stuff that they do.
This is good for those of you who want to do an internship with a professor: you can see what they are doing, and what you are interested in. (all at once)

Oct. 20th is Grad School Panel in the TX Union Santa Rita Room at 5pm
This is a great opportunity to check out Texas schools for SLP and AuD programs
There will be about 8? schools in attendance. Bring questions that you have for them.
Should be a great meeting- dress neatly (they may remember you, make sure that it's a positive memory)
No need to dress up formally, just don't wear gym shorts and a budwiser tshirt

Oct. 21-22 is the next Bake Sale
Thanks to everyone who came out this week, we made good money
There will be a sign up sheet at the next two meetings for the next bake sale.

Oct. 25th Longhorn Halloween Service
This is a fun service project that we are doing this October
We will have a face painting booth!!
It's in the Erwin Center from 2-5 on Sunday, Oct. 5th
Sign Up sheet will be going around at the next few meetings

Nov. 10th, 11th, 12th Service week with Delta Phi Omega
We are co-hosting a service/fundraising week with this sorority.
More info to come once our plans become finalized!
Just keep some time open to attend some fun stuff in the evenings on these dates.


  1. I'd really like to be considered for the next bake sale since I won't be at the meetings in person due to work. Thanks. - Lauren Whitney Bates

  2. I'd like to sign up for the bake sale on the 21st around 12 if it's possible since I wont be going to the meetings.